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Is your 200k an extra money? There's really not much you can do with little amount like that. Reading through the suggestions written by our well-meaning friends, most of the suggestions are risky. Some are into cryptocurrency and online selling. They're  great! But I suggest, if that is a money considered as extra, to invest into blue chips portfolio. Less risky but you have to wait for a longer period of time. If you want to earn more, invest it in a cooperative or company that is running a transport business or big real estate firm. ROI is usually around 2 years based on my own business for the last 12 years. In short, in a about 2-3 years, your 200k will become 400k.

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Kung meron akong 200k invest ko sa crypto. Which is buy low sell high to make big profit you can dyor so you can tyor. Read every news and know some basic knowledge in technical analysis. If you have hesitation in investing stocks you can divide it or you can invest 1/4 of it to other type of investment like in pagibig or ung mp2 ba un. 

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1 hour ago, simene12 said:

The problem with crypto is that it's not regulated unlike stocks. I heard a lot of hacking of coins, what will happen to your investment in those cases?

A lot of hacking happens  if one is not careful. Cryptos are actually safe as long as you don't fall for scams like "Free BTC or Free ETH" where they ask for your account details.

Crypto exchanges are relatively safe.:
Binance and FTX - you can have triple authentication before a withdrawal can be made (SMS + email verification + google authenticator)

Other exchanges even offer to give you a second / different password before one can make a trade.

If you have millions in your account and you are hodling, better get a hot-wallet for maximum security.

Hope this helps.


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