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MTC Members You Wish To Meet


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hello ...... i guess here's my chance to meet u, as recommended by my friend, i want to meet skydeath, switlass, sexylegs, jennybaby, immaculate bitch, Ms. Flirty2x, pleasures, khay and vibeth ........ hmmmmm dami nito ah ...... havent seen u yet on threads i go to but ....... as i said earlier, u are very much recommended by my friend ........ hope to see u all

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Si tazzie. Pero ayaw niya. Daya. Hi mo na lang ako kay Fred :lol:


Chaka ikaw! Gusto na kita makita. Masakit na :lol:


Hun, tuloy na tayo next week. Must keep the timeline, hahaha! Promise. Tagal ko na ndi cut ng nails. Yung ring ko ha! :P


Hmm.. Ice God... should I kneel in your presence then? Just kidding :)


I wanna see Lipstick in the flesh. Pwede ka ba i-kiss??? :lol:

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Sige ba.. kiss lang naman eh :lol:

Wag ka lang mag-Acqua di Gio. Baka makagat kita ng di oras :lol:

eh pano yan ..naka acqua di gio ako ngayon... hehehe

ok lang. i love love-bites..hisss :evil:


i wanna meet Macy and LIpstick hehehe... sorry newbie po..pano ba maki pag mate err meet :D

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Sure sweetie, soon as this damn flu I have is over. I hope kissin' isn't all we are going to do .... :P Please join us in one of the AA drinking meets ;)

Hmm... enticing :boo:

Yeah, I'll go there when my sched permits. I'm up for some girls' fun :lol:


Hehe we better make sure the Fire Department is on call .... nice to get hosed down at some point. Wooohooo :boo:

Haven't been bad for quite some time now. Time to unleash the heat :lol:

Hey Lipstick, you got my number :)

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hmmm..so this is da thread LIPS is flirting with the ladies eh .....DA MOVES! ka talaga preng LIPS ...good LICK


good morning irshes...i see you....perhaps when u get to meet up wid LIPS...i'll tag along just to take a glance at u and afterwhich i'll leave u too alone B) ....hmmm..nahhhhh LONG SHOT hehehe good morning!

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