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Who Are Your Favorite Authors? Favorite Books?

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:evil: Authors: John Grisham books...McNab (S.A.S.)...Ken Follet...Frederick Forsyth...Patricia Cromwell...Tom Clancy ( about Spratly War)...Robert Ludlum

Books: Dune (6 books)...Harry Potter...Lord of the Rings (3 books)...Taming the Predators...Brotherhood of the Rose...

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1. tom clancy - all

2. robert ludlum - havent read any for awhile

3. neil gaiman - stardust (the book not the ktv :rolleyes: ), neverwhere, american gods

4. jrr tolkein - the hobbit, lotr trilogy, silmarillon (sort of a history of middle earth)

5. jk rowling - harry potter (tagal ng book 5!!!)

6. james elroy - black dhalia

7. margaret weiss and tracey hickman - dragonlance

8. any book about mythology, occult, ancient history

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Solitaire Mystery, Jostein Gaarder


Authors that I patronize:


Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Jostein Gaarder

Umberto Eco

Louisa May Alcott

we seem to read the same books with the same authors.

although, i really don't read alcott.


i also like the chessy books of clive barker. the suspenseful works of stephen king. i don't read that much anymore. oh btw, who has any books of "dragon lance". i'm into fantasy too.


peace peeps

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btw, who has any books of "dragon lance". i'm into fantasy too.


have the collector's edition of dragonlance chronicles - a compilation of dragons of autumn twilight, dragons of winter night and dragons of spring dawning. :)


National Bookstore now accepts reservations for Harry Potter Book 5

thanks for the tip alessandra!!! :)

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John Grisham, Sidney Sheldon, James Redd, Og Mandino


:D :D :D Trade tayo!!!

Anong Books ni Og Mandino Ang Meron Ka? Trade?



1. Tom Clancy......Jack Ryan Series..From Hunt to The Bear and The Dragon

2. Robert Ludlum.......

3. John Grisham.......

4. David Morell......Brotherhood of The Rose...

5. The Three Investigators

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I'm a huge SF & F genre book fan.


I love almost all the masters in the SF field and I especially love collecting their short story collections. Can't say that I have one favorite above all. But if you twist my arm, I would probably say that it is a toss up between Larry Niven and Fritz Leiber. But I love reading all of them like Robert Silverberg, James Tiptree Jr, Cordwainer Smith, Harlan Ellison, Arthur Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffrey, Ursula K LeGuin, Jane Yolen, David Drake, Jerry Pournelle, etc. etc. etc. Just too numerous to list down.


For the Fantasy, I enjoy the Sword and Sorcery genre. Favorite author is a toss-up between Ed Greenwood and Piers Anthony. I especially love the Forgotten Realms series since I used to role-play in my younger days. I grew up on AD&D.

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D3CKARD...........Hindi mo na talaga mababasa bago kay Ludlum kasi patay na sya! Last year lang! No more new books! Kaya collecor's items na books nya!


one thing i hate w/ the books of Tom Clacy....the first few chapters are so dragging! Look for the Ton Clancy "SNN" its about war in Spratly Islands! about Sidney: i only like "Dooms day Conspiracy" and "If Tomorrow Comes"... Robin Cook is nice if you are into medicine.......Patricia Cromwell......for suppense and forensic science....

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enigma... i know he's dead :D i think the last book i read of his was bourne supremacy pa. kasi once i discovered tom clancy i never went back to ludlum - kasi i find clancy's scenarios more realistic and more technical. plus, the depth of clancy's research for his books makes you wonder if he's a former intelligence spook himself. :)

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Kasama pala ako dito sa mga SF and F genre fan club. If you guys want to try another good fantasy author, try reading The Recluce Saga by L.E. Modesitt Jr., If anybody already read it, i'm just curious about your comments about it. :)


btw i just finished reading Robert Jordan's 10th book in the wheel of time series, Crossroads of Twilight and I felt kinda disappointed.

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Tom Clancy

Stephen King


and because I am bi-Lingual


Jin Yong

Gu Long


hahahaha bat ganun pag chinese pronounciation translated hahahaha it sound funny, too bad I don't have chinese input.


Sa mga hindi nakakaintindi o walang alam sa chinese literature, the two I mention are considered as two of the best of contemporary chinese novelist.

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