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How Can I Quit Smoking?

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Guest ginny

Do you know that our brain is very powerful? If you put your mind to it.. that you really want to stop.. then you will find ways. I think kahet anong enumerate namin dito of ways how to control that itch.. kokontrahin mo lang lahat if you're not really ready and willing to stop. :ninja:

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Kaibigan bloodlust,


I smoked my first cigarette when I was 12 years old. Twenty years later I quit smoking for good. But quiting was pure torture. There was just something in your mouth that craved for that cigarette. I don't know about your weight situation, but expect to gain at least 10 pounds, because to compensate for the absence of cigarettes there's only one thing you can do, and that is eat. Eat, eat, eat. And there's no such thing as gradual quittting. It's all or nothing.


As for the itching and nauseau, I never experienced it with tobacco. The nausea could possibly connected to alcohol. That, too, I know.


My best to you.

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it's easy if you want to. i recently quit - biglaan lang. no reasons, no promises.


i applied the chris mullin technique. in effect, what he does is he just promises not to smoke today. screw yesterday and screw tomorrow. today lang target niya.


getting rid of all your lighters and ashtrays would also help.


if you need more items, i have a nice article that i can share.

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yup smoking causes impotence and premature ejac...

Lung cancer pa

Heart attacks

Colon Cancer

the list goes on and on...


want to smoke pa? :P


The best way to quit, according to researches, is to quit cold turkey, hindi yung bawas bawas hanggang mawala.

you just have to endure the withdrawal symptoms.

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to compensate for the absence of cigarettes there's only one thing you can do, and that is eat. Eat, eat, eat. And there's no such thing as gradual quittting. It's all or nothing.

Some say that while your on your way out you have this tendency to always put something in your mouth (I'll leave the interpretation to you folks :D ).


Seriously, as an alternative to candies or food, you can also try having a bottle of water handy, at least that's what I do when I'm at work and want to steer clear of the usual in-between meals junk food (I'm the type who always wants to munch down on stuff when I'm sedentary). Also there are nicotine gums to ease you out of the habit if the itch becomes unbearable.


Best of luck in your endeavor.


Bang on Dudes B)

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Most smokers know the fact that cigarettes are very bad, yet they feel powerless about stopping. The reason is simple: many wouldn’t admit that smoking is an addiction, just like drugs. But in fact, cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco are all legal products that anybody above 18 years old can buy. People tend to believe that since it’s legal, it’s not bad. It’s freely available, and you won’t go to jail for it. This is probably the biggest reason why people try cigarettes in the first place, and is the biggest reason why people won’t stop.


So, for those of you out there who wanted to quit, the first step is to acknowledge the fact that you are dealing with an addiction. Despite its legality, it’s bad for your health, period. The bad will always outweigh the good, and scientists will never develop a healthy alternative to it.


Once you’ve taken that important first step, here are a few pointers to help you move on:


Set a "quit date" and follow it.

Ask support from your family and friends. If they’re true friends, they’ll be glad to help.

Get rid of ALL cigarettes and ashtrays in your home, car, and place of work.

Don't let people smoke near you.

If applicable, review your past attempts to quit. Think about what worked and what did not.

Once you quit, stay that way.


For smokers, especially heavy ones, quitting is more like going to heaven. Everybody wants to get there, but nobody is in a hurry. Think about it, however, the warning signs are all there, and it’s your body on the line.


- from a drgeorge.com article by j. anthony lopez

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Dati casual smoker lang ako pero ngayon halos nakakadalawang kaha na ako lalo na habang nakaharap ako sa PC. im startin to ITCH all over and im always nauseated. am i developing cancer? CAN you give me tips on how to quit this habit? im clueless.

lam mo dre ganyan din ako...gusto ko na talaga tumigil kaya lang nde ko kaya..tama sabi nila...our brain is powerful...na kung gusto mo talagang tumigil... kaya mo..ang isa pang problema..kung may kasama ka sa work na addict sa yosi...maiinggit ka talaga...parang pangasar pa nga na makikita mo sya na sarap na sarap sa pag yosi....tapos isa pa...kapag nasa inuman..tulad ko...nde ako makainom ng nde magyoyosi..feeling ko nde kumpleto ang inuman kung walang yosi :(

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Dati casual smoker lang ako pero ngayon halos nakakadalawang kaha na ako lalo na habang nakaharap ako sa PC. im startin to ITCH all over and im always nauseated. am i developing cancer? CAN you give me tips on how to quit this habit?  im clueless.

sad to say we are on the same boat dude but then 2 packs a day??:mellow:, that's too much for me.

I tried quitting so many times but I failed. :( :( :(

So far hindi pa naman ako impotent, pag mangyari yon, :angry: :angry: :angry: I'm gonna sue all the tobacco cos. and win a lot of money.

But I'll still end up being a loser.....imagine, impotent...wahhhhh :cry: :cry: :cry:

So quit ka na, may time ka pa.....


As for me...I dunno. :( :( :(

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Please alow me to relate my own experience.....



I was smoking since I was maybe 13 or 14 years old. And since all my friends in school were smoking "Blue Seal" Marlboros at that time, I quickly developed a taste for them.


Just like every other smoker, the thought of quitting came to mind often but I have not really gotten around to doing it as it was very difficult. I guess I was thinking that maybe---- just maybe--- the key to quitting is quite different for everyone and this meant that I had to find my own key in order to stop for good.


For me, the answer lay in the fact that since I was smoking Blue Seal Marlboros, it occured to me that maybe I should just compute how much I was spending to support this habit.


In 1991, Marloboros cost around PhP 35 per pack at that time and I was smoking one pack per day. It suddenly hit me (hard!) that summing it all up costs me around PhP 12,775 a year just to support a habit that literally had me burning money away! That was enough to get me to quit! :D


What I did was quite novel as I then got an old empty biscuit can and then applied super glue to the lid. I then punched out a slot on top thereby fashioning a crude "Piggy Bank".


On January 1 of 1992, I embarked on a the long road to severing my bondage to tobacco with a frim resolve.


Each day, instead of buying a pack, I just put the money in my tin can bank. At the end of the year, I was almost PhP 13,000 richer and I had a very nice Christmas! :lol: :lol: :lol:



It was not easy, I tell you.... The first day was terrible. The second was HOrrible and the third day was worse! However, the fourth day had things turning a bit easier and by the second week --- it was all over! :lol:


You just have to remember that the CRAVING FOR A SMOKE ONLY LASTS 2-3 minutes. If you get past these 2 minutes then the next craving would come after 30 minutes then so on and so forth. Get past the craving and you'll make it.


Other wise, start your own piggy bank and have a nice Christmas in 6 months time!


Good luck! :lol:

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:ninja: i used to be a chain smoker when i was in college, but now i seldom smoke cguro when i go to cr na lng n 1 stick na lng at d ko pa maubos yun. Just pre occupy your self with things that you want to do and do the little things that that you do not do dati.... ako bubble gum ang nag patigil skn... just chew a bubble gum instead of smoking and it help me a lot tpos d ko na dya hnahanap.... it just takes time tlaga/ :ninja:
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pare mahirap talagang mag-quit, i was a chain smoker when i was in highschool but i quit when i got to college. this really hot girl i was dating at the time had asthma and she couldn't stand cigarette smoke. ciempre sayang yung opportunity with the girl di ba? to make a long story short i was forced to stop my bisyo.


Am smoke-free up until now. :)

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pre 1st yr highschool when i started smoking,....

tumigil ako nung 27 na ako...

ngayon 2 years na kong di nagyoyosi....


simple lang to pre...

isipin mo kakatamad magdala ng pack, lighter, candies, etc...

at ang baho pare...kung naaamoy mo sarili mo na mabaho,

mas lalung mabaho pala sa mga non-smokers na kasama mo

kahit maghilamos ka pa, mag-toothbrush o maglagay ng pabango....


tipid ka na, mas malakas ka pang uminom pag di ka nagyoyosi pre!...heheh

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no brainer... it's all in the mind.... avoid people who smokes...

think of cancer... tuberculosis.... emphysema did i get the spelling right? tons of reasons to quit... it's like an investment... u have to look at the possibilities of the future... hehehehe quit now u might get to see ur great grand children wouldn't it be great?

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both my husband and I used to smoke...i usually stop (temporarilly, that is) smoking when i'm pregnant or when i'm sick with sore throat...i tried to quit several times in the past, same thing with my husband...the thing is, i realized that in order for a smoker to quit, he/she must find a reason to do so and not because others are suggesting (or at times, forcing) you to quit...3 weeks ago we finally smoked our last stick simply because we decided to quit especially for the kids' sakes and of course for ours as well...besides mas at risk ang smokers sa SARS dahil humihina ang respiratory system nila...and above all, pray for it...God will help you fight the urge to smoke...Goodluck and God bless :)

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