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Shoe/sneaker Collection Anyone?


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My daily go-to sneakers Converse All-stars (hi-tops and lows)

These have been my go-to since college and it stuck. Now i have like at least 10 pairs that I switch for everyday use (kaso pandemic hindi na makalabas tapos WFH pa)

Meron pa ako siguro mga 5-6 pairs na hindi pa nasusuot (unboxed, lol)


Was into Jordans before (hanggang ngayon pa rin naman) kaso because of their quality, i stopped collecting.

Ang sakit sa puso pag nakikita mong nasisira lang pag lipas ng taon. 3's, 4's, 6's, 10's and 11's all either powdered or sole separated. 


now im into Redwings na din. hirap lang isuot everyday kasi ang bigat! pero grabe ang pogi.

and i used to hate leather shoes, LOL. Maybe goes with age?

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Throwbacks from my fb memories ystrday.. Hai i miss hs life!! 

So my lairs of dm are made in its main factory.. Kc mga gawa ngyn prmg sa china or other country na sila gngwa. Dad told me he bought our pairs at the mall n made from its main factory/country. They still look like this until now even my brothers and dad pairs of dm's buo pa sila. They nid shoe wax lang kc nasa ahoe cabinet mg matgal. Dad wear his dm at the office for 10 yrs! 

I remember wearing this pair and jansport backpact pink and hedgren wen i was in hs. Elementary my fav shoes are La Gear and Tretorn! Paired wth pop swatch and benetton watches. Hai those days..... I miss... 



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My first DMs lasted me 12 yrs then I gave them away to a construction worker who still use them now. My second DM is the 101 6 eyelet shoe that I wear sa office. Tip lang is to use mink oil to prevent the leather from cracking which was the issue of my first pair since Kiwi gamit ko, nag crack leather over time so had to give them away sa construction worker.

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