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Brain Vs Heart Vs Sexual Urges

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most often than not, it's fun to give in to that basic biological instinct to procreate...the scent...the taste...the feeling of blood rushing through your veins as the action intensifies. on the other hand...romance is another thing. the closeness...the feeling of breathe on your skin. a scent that permeates your senses eventually leading the first. yummy!!! :wub: :lol: ^_^

Good luck in doing this balancing act ;)


dapat pag nagmahal ka lahat gumagana

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When you get to a certain level in life (regardless of age) one has to use the head all the time, the other two can get you into costly situations.


Super agree with this one. I used to use my heart but now just brain. Sexual urges.. never. Both heart and brain pareho mas mataas ang pwesto nyan sa katawan natin kaya kung ang susundin yun nasa lowest level (sex organ).. alam na. :D

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well said :)


I can manage my sexual urges... If I want to. So I can have sex with someone even if there's no string, as long as the chemistry is really that good.

But if at the back of my mind, I know I can get away with that one slip, then why not? It's a matter of liking and not liking the possible outcome din. That will definitely put me in a position to have second thoughts. What if my partner would do the same thing and found out about it, how would I deal with it? Can I handle it?

Yet... If you are in a relationship with someone and is emotionally attached to that person, kakayanin ko na hindi mangibabaw ang sexual urge. Yes, a slight push can make me say Yes, but I know and stand by not letting it get to me.

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Sakin lang kasi, di mo pwedeng i.separate sila. It's like a package deal in a way na yong urges mo ay galing sa pagmamahal mo sa girlfriend o wife mo na ibubuhos mo lahat ng emotions mo na mararamdaman talaga niya. Pwede kasi mataas ang sex drive mo pero para lang sa partner mo pero hindi ibig sabihin ay libog yan. This is what you call sensual and passionate lovemaking, not just the typical sex na ipasok lang and then release the kraken.

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When i was a bit younger medyo mahirap control and balance.. Yung damdami and urge kasi parang pringles once you pop you cant stop.. Hehehe


But when you get a little older you get a little bit wiser.. You realize things that a younger version of yourself would never understand.

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Sexual Urges for me 🤣


Tag libog eh 🤣


Pero 3 yrs ago, I used my brain Over my heart and sexual urge. Ni let go ko yung 10 yrs long mistress ko. 


Hindi habang buhay ay ganon. Aabi ko kelangan maging maayos lovelife mo since tumatanda na tyo. At sa age nya nasa settling age na. Kaya sabi ko hanap kana ng matinong bf. 🙂


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