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Tea Time - What Teas Do You Like?

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Guest mitchiko0
rose tea

green tea with chrysanthemum flowers

subukan mo tea sa UCC :D



ngayon pa lang me nahihilig sa tea since i really dont enjoy carbonated caffeine....


san po yung UCC sa da fort?

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I love teas and I am a health conscious tea drinker. There is a big misconception! There is very slight and negligible amount or percentage of green tea in C2 and other cold beverage. They just put this to claim that there is green tea on C2. But actually, it has no difference with the regular softdrinks wherein sugar comprises the majority of the ingredients. For me the best green tea is to drink them out of the tea bags. and Ceylon tea or Sri Lankan origin teas which isn the major producer of teas in the world are the best and creme of the la creme. Among my favorite and must a try are Gold Leaf Green tea varieties, Susan Baker and the latest in the market: Stassen varities which is considered the best teas in the world because It used to supply the global starbucks chain until starbucks made their own.

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iced green tea..tsalap :thumbsupsmiley: :thumbsupsmiley:


Correct! that's the genuine iced green tea with all the benefits you can derive and get.

By the way, Burgoo is launching it's summer craze iced tea promo tied up with one of the best tea company in the world.

Stassen of Ceylon. you will get to enjoy the real ice tea and not just the common powdered iced tea like. There's really a big difference. It's gonna be at burgoo gateway mall on April 23 at 6pm.

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japanese green tea (gemaicha - not sure though of the spelling). its green tea leaves with roasted rice.i usually drink this after dinner.


I've tried genmaicha also; it's pretty damn good! The roasted rice adds a nice flavor to the tea. Sadly I don't know where I can buy this. The tea bags we got before were a present from one of my mom's clients.

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