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Jealousy. Selos. Sino ang Seloso / Selosa Dito???

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Normal magselos kapag hindi pa kayo or ligawan stage palang hehe.

Pero kapag kayo na, dapat wala nang selos. Kubg meron pa, its a sign of insecurity and lack of trust.

I totally agree.. cute ang selos s umpisa, pero kpg ganun p rn after a couple years, better leave, kasi that relationship is bound to fail.
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I used to be a jealous type noong bago pa kami ng misis ko. Pero eventually habang tumatagal and you build your relationship up, level by level and gain each other's trust, mawawala din pagiging seloso mo.


So mostly, habang tumatagal ang relasyon niyo, nawawala din pagiging seloso ng tao.

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Hindi ako nag seselos.. I accept what women can give and willing to give.. pag seryoso siya sa akin, she will give me her facebook password, her gaming password, her phone password, she will tell me where she is, she will let me know san siya nang galing, she will give me her phone and no issue whenever i wanted to see it, hindi niya ako bibigyan ng rason para magselos at hindi din siya sumasama sa mga lalake especially inuman. Those are high quality women which is rare


however, when A woman do the opposite, okay lang, I know kung hanggang saan lang siya sa buhay ko, thats because she is a low quality woman.. The problem with these women, kapag hinayaan mo lang sila sa ginagawa nila, kunwari support support si guy sa kanila, sa ginagawa nila, kala nila napapaikot nila ang lalake, nagiging seryoso ang mga gantong klaseng babae kase they can feel and lived double standard.. A smart, bad boy men knew this kaya hindi nila inaasawa at inaakan ang mga ito


Hindi ako nagagalit, hindi ako nagseselos.. Masaya pa din ang usap, walang toxic, walang galit galit, walang tampo tampo, . Both light and fun ang vibes, walang higpit higpitan na nangyayare.. A man cannot change a woman, only accept women of who they are but when you see a high quality woman, you will know and appreciate the difference

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And winners themselves go through a thorough security process.

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Streak for the Cash can be a hot topic between friends and can result in some good times around the TV or at the bar watching a game that may not have meant much without the prospect of winning $50,000.




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