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Tips For The Newly Graduates

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If your mindset about a good career is the one where you get paid well even if the work is easy and the hours are very relaxed, then you will achieve mediocre at best. A good career is the one the pushes you to grow in your chosen profession. Growth can only happen if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone. You gotta be willing to put in the hours, sacrifice holidays, and work much harder than you ever did in college if you wanna be successful. You gotta be willing to keep challenging yourself.

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Welcome to the real world where anything goes and anything can and will happen...LOL


Don't be too trusting...know who your real friends are and kung sino yung may same na mission na meron ka


Always remember your principles kasi sa panahon ngayon andaming tukso sa paligid...yung mga mali nagiging tama :huh: baliktad na ata mundo ngayon

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You can also try going for startups, then giving it your professional best. You never know when a small business will suddenly go boom, and being a pioneer when it does can have its merits. Give it a year and if you don't like it, you now have the experience to move somewhere you want to be.

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When we were young, we were always adviced to work hard in school, so that after graduation you will have a comfortable life. As if, success is always equated with how comfortable your life is. THAT IS BULLSH!T!


If you truly want to be successful, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable. Because the challenges do not stop after you graduate. In fact you face more difficult challenges in life. Let me tell you that the person who looks for a comfortable job after graduation, having no other expectation but be home on time, pay credit card bills, and never have to make difficult sacrifices ACHIEVE MEDIOCRE AT BEST.


Success is 2 things. Accomplishment and progress. In order to accomplish something, you need to invest plenty of blood sweat and tears. You do not accomplish something being too fixated on summer trips to boracay and starbucks afternoons. You do that by putting more hours at work to improve to learn and to master your craft. You gotta be willing to continue making sacrifices. To continue being uncomfortable. Because if not, you may end up losing the success you earned.


For example, its an accomplishment to earn at diploma, But if you do not think progressively, your training back in college can mean nothing. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable in life. You can die happy just choosing comfort over success. But its easier to look back in your life someday knowing you did give it your all to be at the top of your game.


Always be hungry for success, always work hard, embrace the pain, and keep being successful

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Get a job asap. huwag na magbakasyon mode. learn different set of skills pero master a certain type of job. pag nahihirapan huwag basta basta mag resign, your character and knowledge will increase every time you encounter difficulties.


do not make up excuses about anything, ang importante lang ay ang Results. get the job done.

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And another thing, Do not have this sense of entitlement na " I have this degree so I deserve this certain pay and benefits" .. it does not work that way.


also, it does not matter who you were in college, it's a whole new ball game out there. lakasan ang loob and do not over analyze things

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stick to the career path for your course..wag basta papasilaw sa laki ng pera na offer ng mga kol center



Just a question , how much does a call center agent make? totoo bang 60,000 a month as advertised sa malls?




do not listen to the adage na "Di importante ang pera" or "Pera lang iyan" . although hindi pera ang end goal natin , having disposable income can give you a sense of freedom.



Oh siya nga pala, huwag bili ng bili ng bagong cell phone. bago mag Iphone , mag Ipon muna

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Suggestion ko... huwag kayo maghanap ng work... kung me tutulong... start na lang ng business... hirap maging employees mas ok maging employer... :)



Hmmmm.. actualy ang dami kong kilala na ganyan na nalugi lang ang negosyo. mga anak mayaman na binigyan ng puhunan ng magulang pero nauwi sa wala

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Hmmmm.. actualy ang dami kong kilala na ganyan na nalugi lang ang negosyo. mga anak mayaman na binigyan ng puhunan ng magulang pero nauwi sa wala


True, zero experience = squandered resources/capital. Better seek outside employment first to establish experience and contacts. Then if the market is "ripe" (meron ka nang mga clients na nagaantay na sayo bibili or magpapaserbisyo) then strike..... hard.

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Tip: don't waste your money as soon as you get your hands on your sizable amount of cash. Always spread your money by investing or starting businesses. If you're busy with your work, choose a business that requires little management and hire someone to manage it.


Also, avoid credit cards unless your salary can afford it.


Car expenditures (gas, maintenance, etc) should only take up at most 10% of your income. If it exceeds 10%, then you might consider commuting instead. This also applies to you choice of public transpo (don't ride a taxi if your monthly cost for it exceeds 10% of your income)


Choose your friends. Don't hang out with people who have different goals too often. Diversify your network of acquaintances as it may help you in you job/business.


Choose a job that is relatable to your course, but think outside of the box if the field is already oversaturated. For example, if you're a nursing grad and you can't get a job as a nurse both here and in abroad, try looking for work where you can apply the skills you learned in school, like in a massage parlor ;)

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