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Who's Your Favorite Columnist?

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antonio de quiros... because despite giving his opinion. never falters in focusing too on the bigger picture.


zeneida amador, when she was still alive... because i find whatever she had to say interesting.. especially when it had to do with culture.


clinton palanca... because he writes of things i wouldn't care to take a second look at, makes it worth my time, and leaves me laughing.


anton san diego, when he still had a column in the lifestyle section of the PDI... because, like clinton, he provided a humorous, sometimes satirical view of the scene. especially loved the blind items.


most of the columnists on the weekly panorama... especially this one particular man who always writes about literature and art. when i read his articles, i feel like a college freshman again, awed by the brilliance of philippine literary greats who i saw everyday as teachers.


i'm sure there's a few more.. will add to this list later.


i do know though who i WON'T consider a favorite.. or even worthy of reading--celine lopez. seriously, she gets paid to write crappily about her crappy i'm-too-rich-and-trying-so-hard-to-stay-thin-and-be-cool life.. where's the justice in that?!

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Horacio Paredes, because he's constantly onto those government dog's neck. regardless kung kaibigan nya yung head nung tuta n yun wla sya pakialam.


Danny Hernandez for having an unquestionable integrity and dignity not bowing to his killers even at the last moment of his life. His Sunday Punch at People's Journal is a daily routine for me. I really love how he lambast those corrupt government official and hoodlum in robes that eventually led to his untimely death. He was born poor and died poor.


Lastly, Gary Lising for his unmatched toilet humor mixed with politics. Never a dull moment when reading his column. :P

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Guest mitchiko1000

actually Dr. holmes..pero li-low sya d2 sa pinas since nasa US na sya para magturo sa isa sa mga UNIVERSITY sa US..for abt almost 3 yers na ata...twice a year lang sya kung umuwi...sayang i really enjoy the topic......so tyaga na lang muna sa FHM ladies confession articles...


quirino is also good....i really do appreciate it also.....but most of the topic are not appropriate to my life styles hehehhehe


good morning...

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