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Found 4 results

  1. What are your thoughts on this? Kelangan na lang bantayan ang implementing Rules and Regulations. #posiblenamanpala
  2. Dear Digong We, the Filipino people have spoken. We want change. Oh, how so desperately do we need change. Never mind your foul mouth and uncouth manners, that is the least of our concerns. We don't need a leader with an excellent command of the English language, or one with impeccable manners, statesmanship or demeanor. We've had so many of these leaders in the past. We don't need a leader with a pedigree, we've had these leaders too not so long ago. We have placed our faith in you, just as we did with the leaders of the past, but with the hope that you will do what the others before you have failed to do. We do not know if you will succeed. We can only hope and pray that we made the right choice. Time and again, those before you have fallen short of what should have been. We want a leader who can give us what we have,been denied us for so long as a nation. We have become a nation chronically deprived. All we ask, Digong, is for you to be the leader this nation desperately needs, to emerge from the state of affairs we find ourselves in today. That is all we ask. Moderator's note: No discussion or argument will be posted in this thread. Do it on the other thread instead. Pres. Rodrigo Duterte: What Do We Expect From Him?
  3. Anong masasabi mo na kamakailan lang ay ideneklara ni DU30 na ilegal ang LOTERYA at iba pang PCSO games?
  4. I do not expect our next president to be perfect. For sure he will make mistakes, he will have critics, he will definitely have enemies. To top that all its really really reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally hard to please the people being president. Sige nga? Sinong propeta ba na umupo sa malacanang since Marcos ang hinihirang ng lahat na Bayani? Lahat naman sila sablay. But let me enlist the things I would expect from the new President 1. Stop playing divide and conquer. Huwag pagsabungin mayayaman sa mahihirap. This is one of the main reasons why I consider President Erap as the worst ever! Lagi nya pinaghahati mayayaman at mahihirap sa paraang makikinabang sya, be it tuwing eleksyon or para manatili sa pwesto. Others seem to follow the formula. Katawa kay Erap, para sa mahirap daw pero sa issue ng coco levy funds sino ba mas pinaboran nya? Yun magsasaka o yun pareng Danding nya? A head of the nation should stand for unity not divisiveness 2. Please do not neglect the middle class. Hindi naman pwedeng laging libreng ganito sa mahihirap, gobyernong para sa mahirap, puso sa mahihirap. Eh powtek, tayo yun anlaki laki ng kaltas sa sahod lagi dahil sa buwis ah. Wala rin ba tayong mga pangangailangan? Makapagtapos ka nga ng college di mo naman alam kung me maayos kang trabaho. Give them maayos ayos na benepisyo. Lalo na siguro yun mga sundalo, pulis, at public school teachers. Sila itong hirap na hirap umutang sa pagibig, pero yun mga squatter naman ang dali makakuha ng libreng pabahay. 3. Accept criticisms from time to time especially when it is fair. You do own up to your shortcomings, that is good. Keep it up. Huwag yun kagaya ng iba dyan na huli mo na nga, magpapalusot pa at mayabang pa ehem sotto ehem. 4. Work your ass off! People will expect to see this from you. Huwag puro sosyalan at golf. Be a hands on president as much as you can. Try to really bring gains to this country na mararamdaman ng tao. Statistics are nice, but when that does not exactly translate into having more on your groceries, having better service from the government, or even spending less time on gruelling traffic, statistics are just numbers you can wipe your ass with. I think this will really earn your validation from the people. 5. Stay true to the people. They are your true ally, not your political friends or campaign contributors. 6. Just go kick some ass! Umpisahan mo na sa NAIA Pres. Digong, matagal na kaming banas na banas sa mga tao dyan. O kayo na lang dagdag.
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