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  1. Nakaka bored ano magandang gawin ☺️

  2. Paratetemol kung natutulog paba siya☺️☺️☺️
  3. Dear heart , ☺️ So here i am again☺️☺️ no emo at all Im happy that your braver now to face the thing that you couldnt do, "acceptance" . Its nice to feel that you let him go without hurting you,without crying Or thinking about things,ill let you rest first just enjoy being alone no more wounds to heal, lets enjoy our life lets travel meet new people but dont let It get into your heart just enjoy little things 💚💚💚 -Your happy boss💚
  4. Im available book now!

  5. Haha nanjan na raw sya yung ninja van marami syang messages ..shopee pa more
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