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  1. hinde talaga maiwasan ang palakasan..pero atleast ngayon medyo nabawasan...kaya kaibiganin lahat heheheh
  2. i vouch for madam Z...talagang andun ung passion nya sa mga ganito...i can still remember, i offer my help na maghanap nag marentahan na business establishment...ung tipong maganda at same time swak sa operational budget...kaya kudos to madam Z
  3. one month without sex? yeah!!! record achieved!!!!
  4. love and sex...kahit sino sa mga gusto mo...pero magpapatikim ka ba?
  5. oo naman...lahat ng mapipili mo ay dapat matikman lahat
  6. csb is a sexy lady...i met her and become friends perhaps 6 years ago...she is friendly in person, of course while chatting, i was thinking what it feels when kissing her..yeah, and i think she likes me too...wow, it was good news, of course i need to shortcut this, i wanted to feel her...damn, we went straight with a one night stand...a night stand with feelings and kilig factor....wow, with all the firm boobs and firm butt...the bewang, naku, sarap yakapin...walang tapon, lahat kain....hanggang doon sa coconut milk...csb is a nice lady , when she likes you, of course she will like you, she is more on gentlemans character...likewise, im proud na she likes everything of me..although im not the worlds ideal GUY...but atleast ;)

    1. csb_miley


      Awesome! Hahahha remembering one steamy night! 

  7. yehey!!! pwede na ako mag react ;) thanks admins ;)

    1. lone23



    2. Froz


      thanks boss :)

  8. Froz

    STD & AIDS

    nahh!!! buti na lng may quarterly and regular medical, dental at mental check up
  9. i like reading all sex fantasies of all the ladies here at mtc...kudos mtc admin :) keep it up....

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