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The Pnp And Afp

Combat ships BRP Jose Rizal BRP Antonio Luna AFP PNP Phil Govt.

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Posted 13 June 2019 - 05:16 PM

I'm glad that they used the FA-50 in Marawi. At least it boosts our morale and showed the Filipinos the importance of modernizing our defense capabilities. But the FA-50s are not the right equipment for Close Air Support (CAS). The OV-10 Broncos and the the modified SF-260s are well suited for CAS. The Broncos are capable of delivering PGMs and can stay longer in the battle area to provide CAS. Too bad we do not have the A-29 Super Tucanos yet. 
I doubt the accuracy of the troops refusing to use the Chinese-made rifles. They will do as they are ordered. Besides, the Chinese rifles are intended for use by the PNP not the Army.

You use what you currently have... Our Broncos and Warriors can use the dumb bombs but the accuracys not that great compared to the FA-50... on the other hand, dont ask me how I know, we currently have around 20 smart bombs that can be lobbed by our Broncos, however use of these needs concurrence of US Indo-Pacific Command, plus like I said theres only around 20 of these and are quite pricey and supplys limited because Uncle Sam also has high demand for it.

Chinese rifles are for both AFP and PNP units, however our frontline troops returned theirs to GHQ and submitted their evaluations and recommendations on said rifles. Havent heard any news yet that these were returned to the front line units.

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