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You Are Insignificant

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Posted 24 July 2007 - 08:13 AM

I do feel a trifling existence occasionally with ove 4 billion people living on this planet and growing.

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 10:16 AM

Pa minsan minsan...

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Posted 19 August 2007 - 07:23 PM

minsan lang... kapag wala akong magawa sa buhay hehe...

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Posted 20 August 2007 - 09:39 PM

YES.. as of now i feel i'm "nagago" again by someone... alam nio ba how it feels na lagi ka MABABALIWALA?? it's fucckiinngg saaddd... :unsure: :huh: :(

#25 Justin Nicholas

Justin Nicholas


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Posted 20 August 2007 - 11:36 PM

I used to have that feeling most of the time. But after having seen a lot of broken lives out there, I know that I am more blessed. Hate to talk about the details, but i hope I've made my point clear.

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Posted 21 August 2007 - 04:26 PM


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Posted 21 August 2007 - 07:04 PM

I am not insignificant. My spirit and my soul is precious to God. He became man and died for each and everyone of us. For every person that is saved, the whole of heaven rejoices.

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Posted 21 August 2007 - 09:27 PM

now, YES... suicidal n yata ko pag lalo lumala.... :( :(

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Posted 22 August 2007 - 02:18 AM

minsan din..tao lang kasi tayo..

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Posted 31 August 2007 - 10:57 PM

i feel sad and yes i feel im not significant to him even if im trying my best naman to be a good girl, baliwala pa rin....... :( -_- :(

#31 Mobius Stripper

Mobius Stripper

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Posted 01 September 2007 - 06:15 AM

No one is insignificant when one loves or is loved. Moreo when one's love is reciprocated.

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Posted 13 September 2007 - 09:05 PM

used to feel like this, yes. But i guess, it's just a matter of realizing that you may be insignificant to some, and yet be as significant to others as well. It's just a matter of balancing the different aspects of life. :blush: .....and knowing what your true worth is.

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Posted 14 September 2007 - 08:56 PM

There is nothing to life.

we are born, we play, we study, we marry, we have kids, then we die.

that's all there is.

10 years after your death no one will remember you, nor your accomplishments.

do you think that in this vast world, with billions of people, your achievements will stand out.

maybe this is why there are religions, to give us something to look forward to, to make something out of what our life is and what it will become eventually.

Because beyond your death, there is nothing.

we are just biding our time, waiting for our inevitable demise.
....do you feel like this? or is it only now that you realize this?

Life is indeed meaningless. That is why as humans, it's up to us to find a meaningful life.

Kung hindi ka relihiyoso, eto ang isipin mo:

Pinanganak ka sa mundo para gawin ang gusto mo. Kahit ano. Ikaw ang bahala.
Kumbaga sa lotto, sinwerte kang mabuhay, at ang premyo ay ang kalayaang gawin ang lahat ng gusto mo.

Pag namatay ka na, ok lang. Hindi nanaman masakit pag patay ka na eh.
Masakit ba nung hindi ka pa pinapanganak? Hindi naman diba.

Kung totoo man ang "reincarnation", edi walang problema. Pag namatay ka, mabubuhay ka uli para gawin ang gusto mo.
Malay mo, sa future ka pa mabuhay, masmasaya yun! High tech na lahat.
Kung hindi man totoo ang "reincarnation", wala din problema. Hindi ka naman namomroblema nung hindi ka pa pinapanganak eh.

If it is really true that there is nothing beyond death, we need not worry because nothingness is not painful. There won't even be someone who will bless or punish us for what we did in our lives. Don't worry, be happy! :cool:

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Posted 15 September 2007 - 01:31 AM

These days ... yes! :(

My feelings dont count ...

People are at me ... left and right.

It's SO not fair! :(

#35 Palakangtot



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Posted 15 September 2007 - 02:03 AM


my existence in this world is is significant because of the love i receive from my family and friends


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Posted 17 September 2007 - 01:52 AM

madalas,pero i try to think positive that god loves me bec he has given me a good afamily and supporting friends

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Posted 22 October 2007 - 04:45 AM

i have scientifically proven my insignificance. wheee!!! lovely.

#38 Larry


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Posted 23 October 2007 - 05:43 PM

'Given enough time and space, everything becomes eventually becomes immaterial'.

this is correct

in the words of Tyler Durden "You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else."

you may be significant to your wife, your children, your family, etc. What if they die? will you be significant to somebody else? will you actions mean anything in the bigger picture? Will your promotion scream to the world of your new found sense of responsibility? will your vast amounts of money portray you at the pinnacle of success to the rest of the world? Will your superb relationship with God mean anything to the countless religious and spiritual leaders of the world?

50 more years from now some of us might be dead. 20 more years after that will people still remember our names? will they remember our conquests, our good deeds, our misgivings, our passions, our loves, our enemies, our lives?

you ARE insignificant, so stop trying to act like you are. Stop trying to rationalize it, because in the grand scheme of things, you really are.

Live your insignificant lives the best you can

Breathe it

Savor it

because no one else will care but you.

#39 destron



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Posted 23 October 2007 - 08:01 PM


Wag naman. Insignificance means purposeless, without a reason for being.

I believe that even pagans are significant.
But only pagans feel insignificant because they believe nobody created them. If you believe you are not created then really you are insignificant and have no purpose of existing.

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Posted 25 October 2007 - 01:06 PM

Hmmm...if I'm insignificant, what am I living for?

Therefore, like most people who I meet everyday, this must mean that I'm in for something significant---just that, it may be possible that my time has not yet come :)

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