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Bible Versus Science

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#161 Edmund Dantes

Edmund Dantes


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Posted 08 April 2016 - 03:34 PM

You cant Understand a single verse if you will not read the whole chapter


I always say, the problem with bible nerds is that they lift selective verses. Take them out of their intended context. Give them self-serving interpretations, and forget the rest of what it says. So dudukutin mo nga naman mata mo at itatapon sa apoy pagkatapos mo makapanood scandal para makaakyat ka sa langit?


Isa pa, they seem to think that the whole universe exists within the realm of the Christian bible. They do not understand that there is also the realm of science, and the realm of politics. Kaya nga there is separation of church and state di ba. I laugh when they say "mas bubuti bansa kung batas ng biblia lagi susundin". Tanga! Kung susundin ng literal lahat ng nakasulat sa biblia wala ng tao matitira sa bansa natin. Kapag ang isang relihiyon ang pagbasehan natin ng lahat, magiging repressive yung society natin.


Ito kasi hirap kapag yung knowldge mo about the bible hindi mo sinasamahan ng knowledge about the physical world.

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#162 boobsieVeronica



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Posted 09 April 2016 - 03:57 PM


#163 camus



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Posted 09 May 2016 - 09:04 PM

My opinion is bible and science don't necessarily contradict each other. For example in Genesis, God said let there be light. That could be the Big Bang theory. God created the universe in 7 days. 7 days may not mean literally 7 days. It could mean 7 billion years. It all depends on your interpretation.

#164 cesare_borgia



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Posted 28 June 2016 - 01:27 PM

science prevails

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#165 -DELETED-


    Fifty Shades

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Posted 28 June 2016 - 01:41 PM

This topic can be argued all day and achieve nothing. It depends on the personal point of view of an individual. Both are important, Bible/Religion upholds one's beliefs and faith, science on the other hand is more on the process/reasoning on how things happens. As for my personal opinion, science has gone too far that it almost have explanation to most of the happenings in our life, but there are still some things that science cannot explain. I am a Catholic and I believe in God who is the creator of everything, yet I don't believe in religion which is filled with human interests. There is nothing wrong in believing in God and science as long as you are not doing any harm to others. 

#166 ADAM


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Posted 08 August 2016 - 09:13 PM

Arguing with religious people is like trying to tell your mother that online games can't be

#167 Sharp Snipes😎

Sharp Snipes😎


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Posted 17 April 2019 - 06:45 PM

May mga scientific facts din sa Bible.

#168 MrOclock



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Posted 04 May 2019 - 10:01 PM

Bible is made up by men to govern men. FACT!
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#169 pH 8.2

pH 8.2


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Posted 08 October 2019 - 02:24 PM

May mga scientific facts din sa Bible.


Ano pong Scientific facts sa bible?


The earth is flat?

Noah's Flood?

The Firmament?

The earth is the center of the Universe?

The Creation myth?

Tower of babel?


Almost every "scientific" claim in the bible has already been proven false.

Even the Catholic church accepts Evolution as a fact.

#170 macbolan00



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Posted 09 October 2019 - 04:00 PM

Science is just a branch of philosophy (a very successful branch of philosophy.) :D

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