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Laguna Chapter

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Posted 16 January 2020 - 08:05 AM

I guess ok na situation sa laguna. Walang post tungkol sa ashfall.

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Posted 16 January 2020 - 08:11 AM

mga pafs to confirm lang...naraid ba kaninang umaga ang GB-1...kasi going to work kaninang umaga may nakaparada na mga police(swat) and barangay sa tapat ng GB-1 at may mga kausap na mga tao sa parking ng GB-1...


Mga bata ng mga pulis yung mga thera nga GB-1.
Just in case di nyo gets what that means, if you pick a thera, and his "so-called bf" is there, the price you have to pay is almost twice as your whole expense or else "you will be part of a raid".

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Posted 18 January 2020 - 05:11 PM

Sa mga yan, ano ung binabalik balikan mo? Pinakamura es na natry ko is sa eldan, tapat ng morales. 300php hj pero walang kwenta. Marami magagaling sa balibago

Sharing my experiences / reviews
Spas from north to south
Tee Green Relaxing Massage & Spa

  • San Pedro branch
  • good to great massage depending on the therapist you get
  • their best seller massage has the best sensual massage based on my experience
  • face and body value good to great
  • only 1 ES depends on therapist, mid-range budget
  • has Facebook page
The spa between Tee Green and Mapulon. I forgot the name
  • all-male therapists but they have one female therapist
  • default massage is hard, you can ask for moderate or soft
  • uninspiring as well
Mapulon Spa
  • at San Pedro
  • uninspiring massage
  • you need to request your therapist before you can proceed since they won't ask you which is your type (male / female) but this might depends
  • ES depends on the therapist but the spa is supposed to be a legit one
The spa on the left side of the road, before climbing the San Pedro bridge. Stars with a 'B', I don't remember the name
  • at San Pedro
  • overall great massages even at their cheapest price
  • face and body value good to great
  • therapists are chill and friendly
  • only 1 ES, mid-range budget
Blumist Wellness Spa
  • Pacita, Landayan
  • legit legit spa, no ES
  • massage was really really good
Lacontado Spa
  • Pacita at Total Gas Station, near 7/11 and BDO
  • before it was great but now it's uninspiring massage to great, depending on therapist
  • they have sensual massage but it's not good or great compared to Ocean White and Tee Green San Pedro branch
  • if you get the youngest therapist, expect a one-hour massage to be less than 30 minutes
  • face and body value great
  • downside, it's located below an all-night establishment. if you want peace an quiet, don't take a massage on the evening until 3am
  • only 1 ES, mid-range budget
Ocean White Suit Wellness Spa
  • canlalay binan area, 2nd floor of a 7/11
  • massage is average but has sensual
  • face and body value is average
  • 3 ES for those on low budget
  • has Facebook page
Eldan Hand Spa
  • canlalay, binan area, near andoks
  • massage is great to superior
  • face and body value is decent to good
  • 1 ES only, I think for mid-range budget
BalH Massage Spa
  • canlalay, binan area, on a yellow painted building, located at 2nd floor, it's in front of a mountain dew painted bread shop and near a small bridge
  • massage is uninspiring but that may depend on which therapist you might get
  • has the cheapest promo, php99
  • 1 ES only, I think for mid-range budget
  • face and body value is low for me
Grand Bay Wellness Spa or GB-1 Health Spa
  • canlalay binan area besides near pagcor
  • for those who can spend php2500 and above, all in, inclusive of everything
  • face and body value, depends. if you can choose a good one, congrats. If you ended up with a boring one, tough luck. "Congrats" and "boring" also applies to the therapists' personality. For example, if you got a one with a good face and body but not good personality, tough luck.
  • if you want peace and quiet, early hours to morning might be great, but the therapist but not have the stamina to massage you
  • they have a ladies' drink that costs php200-300.. two cans of del monte juice drink
  • you can choose the therapist you want from a selection unless it's dead hours of 4am to morning, when the therapists are sleeping even though the place is open 24 hours they do not have a proper rotating shift of therapists
  • no massage packages, just type of rooms, php500 for a small room with a bed, and php600 for the wider room, a bed and a shower or bathroom area
Eldan Hand Spa - Binan branch
  • near pavilion in front of Morales mall, located at 2nd floor
  • massage is average
  • face and body value is decent
  • 1 ES only, I think for low to mid-range budget
Yashita Spa
  • Binan, near SEAOIL and tulay bato
  • boring and uninspired massage
  • face and body value are low for me
  • 1-2 hour massages can be as quick as 30 minutes because the therapists assume you would take ES which will eat up a lot of time (not true). And if you avail their ES, that's it, you pay high for a not good quality overall massage
  • has the best rooms I've been too, very spacious
Magnifico Massage Spa (now on a new name, I forgot the new name)
  • near Tagapo Caltex stoplight, just before the small bridge, located at the 2nd floor
  • I think all massage packages are great, especially their best seller
  • face and body value good
  • 1 ES only, mid-range budget
Blue Room Spa
  • Balibago Sta Rosa branch near metrobank
  • Great to Superior massage
  • I think they don't have cheap massage packages
  • multiple ESs depending on your budget, but this is really for those with mid to high or very high budget
  • face and body value good but might be great for some
Absolute Touch Spa & Wellness Center
  • Balibago area at Chopstick Bldg, on 3rd floor
  • great massages
  • face and body value is generally great to best depending on the therapist of get. You can PM them on their Facebook page to get a list of therapists with their pictures but reservation for a massage will make your massage be their best seller php500 automatically. There are cheaper massage options if you're walk-in but you can't choose a therapist. You can suggest but the receptionist cannot guarantee you can get your desired favorite.
  • ES, depends on therapist, I think for mid-range budget
  • has Facebook page
Millennials Touch SPA Massage
  • in front of grandriverstone village brgy dita
  • I am not sure if this still exists
  • face and body value is great to superior
  • average to good massages
  • only 1 ES, for mid-range budget
  • has Facebook page
Ebisu Spa
  • niugan cabuyao hiway near the bridge boundary of sala
  • good to great massages
  • face and body value is generally great
  • only 1 ES for mid budget
  • has Facebook page
non-Laguna massage reviews
Spas from south to north
Spa Altitude
  • located just after the intersection at San Pedro united, on the right side of the road when you're going northbound
  • average to good massage
  • face to body value is very low to me
  • only 1 ES, worst I got but it might be good to others
  • has Facebook page
Tee Green Relaxing Massage & Spa - Tunasan Muntinlupa branch
  • worst massage I got besides my 1st time in GB-1.. very uninspired
  • face and body value is low to me
  • only 1 ES depends on therapist, mid-range budget
  • has Facebook page
  • in front of SM muntinlupa
  • therapists are all men but I had no idea when I went there for the first time. I was lucky that they have a female therapist there. She was really good.
  • I don't know if they have ES
  • massage I got from the girl was great
  • notably mid to high-rates in the massage packages
Keybox Spa
  • near Ayala Mall Alabang, bayanan near ministop
  • face and body value, great to superior based on facebook page, but in reality, it's just low to decent
  • their best seller is not offered anymore because it has sensual massage in it and that they claim that a lot of spas are being "caught" in the area, so they're playing it safe
  • massage is decent
Blue Haven Spa
  • alabang, near EASY PC
  • 1-hr massage in 20 min
  • massage is bad
  • face and body value is low to very low
  • 1 ES only for those on ow budget
Magnifico Massage Spa (this was before they have new management and the current state of the spa but be better than my review below)
  • alabang near Blue Haven Spa if you go north
  • 1-hr in 15 min
  • massage is really really bad, therapist I got has poor skill
  • face and body value either really really bad or decent, depends on the therapist you get
  • 1 ES only but has high rate
Cocozen Spa
  • near Magnifico Massage Spa alabang
  • face and body value, great to superior based on facebook page, but in reality, it's decent. Also, the place can be really really dark so you won't get good opportunities to look at your therapist
  • their best seller claimed to have sensual massage but it's actually not offered by the therapists
  • massage is decent to good
Hands of Soul Spa
  • 9558 Kalayaan Ave, Makati, besides Palawan Express
  • really great massage
  • face and body value good to great
  • no ES but may depend on the therapist
some words for the guys wanting to get a massage
  • please don't be drunk ..  you being drunk might not just trouble the therapists and the staff but those who are currently on their massage sessions. It ruins the relaxation of the clients when you would make a fuss
  • on ES, communication is important .. whether in payment or in enjoyment. If the therapist doesn't agree to your terms, kindly accept it and move on or don't get the ES.
  • the most common ES is linggam or HJ. If you experience someone who offer true linggam massages, keep note of them, that is better than the "other linggam" which is HJ. There's nothing wrong if you want to avail HJ especially if you have money, but to me, I just find it boring and unsatisfying but maybe it's because most were not good. So that's a warning, be careful as not all therapists are skilled in ES. Getting "injured" after a relaxing massage isn't a great way to spend the night or day.
  • Therapists earn either based on their clients or just a percentage of what their clients pay on their chosen massage package or choice. Don't be too picky or don't whine if you are offered with a high rate on an ES. But another warning, some are not worth it, like some in GB-1. Good face and body value but bad personality? No way.
And that is all
Good luck to everyone and happy new year!!!

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Posted 18 January 2020 - 05:29 PM

More power sa Laguna thread. Sana madami pa magshare..

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Posted 19 January 2020 - 11:21 AM

Basta hj kasi mamadaliin lang e.

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Posted 19 January 2020 - 01:52 PM

San ba meron sa laguna na spa meron all the way except GB

Basta hj kasi mamadaliin lang e.

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Posted Yesterday, 01:12 PM

Sa mga yan, ano ung binabalik balikan mo? Pinakamura es na natry ko is sa eldan, tapat ng morales. 300php hj pero walang kwenta. Marami magagaling sa balibago


Mga paps, ask ko lang sino mga thera na pwde sa Mapulon at Green Tea, kahit pabulong n lang. lapit lang ksi saamin eh hehe. Salamat mga master!

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Posted Yesterday, 10:29 PM

Hanap ko may atw din e. Ayoko na sa gb at aquarius. Baka naman may alam kayo na iba pa. Absolute puro hj lang nakukuha ko haha

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