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Poll: Ghosts

Paranormal Supernatural Ghost

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Poll: Ghosts

Do you believe in Ghosts?

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#1 FleurDeLune


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Posted 29 October 2018 - 10:12 PM






Please do share your experiences or any thoughts on the subject. Thank you.



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#2 kramenalexis



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Posted 30 October 2018 - 08:56 AM

I believe in ghost because I have seen one. I was a kid back then but the memory of that moment is something I can't forget. 


My family had to stay at my aunt's place because our house was undergoing renovation. One late evening (or I guess you could say its morning)  at around 2am-3am, I woke up since I have to go to the restroom to go number 1. On my way to the restroom, I saw my aunt feeding my cousin in the living room. I thought it was weird that she was doing it in the dark but I thought little of it since I really need to go number 1. I went to the restroom and went back to sleep afterwards. Morning came and during breakfast, I ask my aunt why she was feeding my little cousin at around 2am-3am on the living room in the dark. She told me that they never left the room the whole evening and that my mom was there with them. My mom also testified that my aunt and my little cousin never left their room. I was puzzled at the time since I clearly saw someone feeding a baby in the living room.


It was only years later that my dad told us the story of the house. According to the neighbors, it was the home of a family of 3. The story that goes around the neighborhood is that the father killed his wife and their new born baby and went to hiding afterwards. Apparently, what I saw wasn't my aunt and little cousin but something else entirely. 

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#3 2WarningPoints



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Posted 30 October 2018 - 07:07 PM

I believe that there are ghost and had been documented by the vatican... the bible said that to communicate with them is forbidden and to dressup like one is to encourage them to be in your presence and can possess the one that mimicking them. 

#4 Awoa14



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Posted 31 October 2018 - 11:02 AM

I believe naramdaman ko tlga..lagi ko sinusubukan kng ulitin nia ngparamdam tlga hinila kumot ko..

#5 Feast



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Posted 03 November 2018 - 10:39 PM

I believe.. Back then double deck ang bed and i was in the lower bed when i heard a girls voice.."mama....mama...mama...i took a look at the source and i really regret that.. I did not see a face or a body... I saw her feet and white gown. She was practically floating.. Pasing through the room.

#6 Scrambler



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Posted 07 November 2018 - 07:55 AM

Ghost employee marami sa pinas!

#7 Dark Omen

Dark Omen


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Posted 08 November 2018 - 03:57 PM

Truth is the more na naniniwala ka sa ganto mas lalo sila nagpaparamdam even other entities suki ako ng mantatawas at albularyo nung bata pa ako lagi sila nagagambala.




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Posted 12 November 2018 - 09:16 AM

i believe in ghosts,


i was awake in the morning at around 4am, i saw a lady wearing black AND WITH AN UMBRELLA. suddenly she disappeared right infront of me as she passed by a bougainville plant. it is only a one way street.


how can i even explain this. waited for the old lady to re appear, i taught she hid in one the vehicles... when a friend woke up and was along the street, i told him to inspect the jeep... he said no is is inside...


the old lady never re appeared... 

#9 maxximuz



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Posted 03 December 2018 - 05:53 PM

sorry guys i dont believe in ghost...., i remember stories from our elders na may DAW at RAW at laging kwentong 3rd party claim. i also remember those people that said they saw my Brother after he died na hindi man lang nila ka close si kuya. parang no sense na sa kanila magpakita eh kami kapamilya. same story with my Lola and my uncle and my Tita. Laging may kakaibang kwento pag pumanaw na but then again kwento lang. Remember a british Series back then about ghost hunting.... they lasted for almost 8 season pero wala sila na prove at nakita till the season ender nila. so many people try to ride the Ghost story pero non of then show realistic proof. minsan kasi pag natakot tayo we dont confirm..., we just close our eyes and hope that morning comes early. im not here to break anyones belief its just my thing and im sorry if my point of view is not in line with other members here in the thread but im 42 years old and i never seen one. im not here to challenge or question anything and anyone. its just my point of view guys. my apology and have a great day guys

#10 WalkingWallet



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Posted 26 December 2018 - 03:46 AM

I believe in ghosts.. they normally show up on those with a weak resolve or mind... The more you fear, the more you see


I learned something from a very old hermit (Albularyo) a long time ago that there is a way to see ghosts... if you truly want to.. but i never tried it or would not suggest it... only those who really want to cross that road..


At 5-6pm before the day turns to night... dusk... find the oldest and strangest tree you find... you have to be fully naked... pour some coconut oil in your entire body as you stay beside the tree... close your eyes... and wait and give time till the sun goes down...


As you slowly open your eyes... be prepared to see the unseen... but beware... Do NOT Blink even when they approach you.. once you blink they are gone.


Gone from your sight... but... be prepared to be followed because once you see... it cannot be unseen


There is a saying To Believe is to see... but sometimes to see is to believe... 

Let me know  :) once anyone dares to experience this... I honestly wouldn't do it... 


#11 Fmulder9



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Posted 01 January 2019 - 01:09 PM

I believe in this 100 percent

#12 jomi_schwartz



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Posted 04 January 2019 - 12:05 AM

yes i believe

#13 endlessloop0



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Posted 21 February 2019 - 03:54 AM

there is a downside to being able to see them though. When you are able to, the line that separates them from our world is thinner for you. They are able to reach you more easily than most people.

#14 Ryekun



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Posted 11 March 2019 - 04:58 AM

I've always see some of them and you just need to ignore them

#15 bonanas



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Posted 22 March 2019 - 01:09 PM

I'd like to witness one, especially yung relatives and friends na nag pass away. I just want to be with them badly, I don't want care what form they are in. 

#16 Riri ❤️

Riri ❤️


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Posted 19 August 2019 - 01:53 AM

Yes i do believe in ghost. Medyo madalas ako before nakakakita pero ngayon hindi na. Hindi mo talaga makikita mukha nila pero alam mo yung shape, alam mo yung kulay , kung bata ba o matanda , babae o lalaki. Sa spa na napasukan ko meron, lalo na tahimik lagi. Malaman laman namin 4 pala namatay sa bldg na yun kasi nasunog ung isang unit 4 months bago kami nagopen.

Nagagalit minsan mga co thera ko pag bigla akong nagsasabi na may nakita ako. "Te wag mo na ikwento" hahaha

May mga araw kasing dedma lang ako may mga araw ding tinatamaan ako ng takot.

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#17 Journeyman6



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Posted 22 August 2019 - 01:46 AM

I do not believe in ghost... I had never had any experience seeing or any encounter of that kind.

I once sat beside a corpse of a dearly departed alone while waiting for the mortician to come but never felt anything weird or out of the ordinary.

I had a chance to go to a so called haunted ruins, haunted house...but the same thing! nothing!

I used to drive alone and pass by Balete Drive in QC every night just to prove my self if the stories were true but I've never seen that infamous white lady.


Is it me or is it the myth brought down to us by our colonial master(Spain)? They used these scary story tactics to submit us Indio's in their midst.

#18 Gilgamesh



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Posted 03 September 2019 - 10:47 AM

Haven't seen one...Maybe i did pero hindi ko lang namalayan.

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