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Unforgettable Moments Sa Js Prom

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#21 grayc1533


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Posted 23 August 2008 - 01:07 PM

Junior ako,sayaw ko sana crush ko nun pero wala torpe kaya un berks na babae ang isinayaw.enjoy pa din naman.
Senior na,nasayaw ko din sya.Un dati kong crush,bestfriend ko na babae,berks ulit at 2 na from other class.Lahat magaganda.Thankful din ako kasi i was afraid na ma-reject nila pero lahat sila nag-enjoy!tsaka,meron ako nun pimple na kakagaling lang,sa ilong pa sya tumubo.buti na lang din na dry na sya at nag-peel off right before the prom.

Other memorable moment,nun ang isa namin mejo charing na classmate,nagpakalalake na.Ikot sa buong city just to look for a blue rose(white rose na sprayan lang ng blue paint ata).Niyaya nya un girl gusto pala nya at naisayaw...kitang kita ang saya sa mukha nya bruha este naging bruho na pala.That was a great moment for us since we confirmed na 100% na un guys ng class namin eh magmatipunong gentlemenyaks non.! :thumbsupsmiley:

Miss ko tropa namin,those were the days talaga.

#22 bababoom


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Posted 07 September 2008 - 02:20 PM

i was danced by a senior's crush ng bayan,I was junior then and i felt that all girl's eyes were on us while we were dancing.

After that day he courted but i did not answered him back.I lost my interest. :lol:

#23 RockmanZero


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Posted 10 November 2008 - 09:32 PM

I got a crush on this girl... and overheard her saying to a friend "makipagsayaw na lahat sa akin, wag lang siya". She was pertaining to me.

Am I that so ugly???

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Posted 24 December 2008 - 12:59 AM

unforgettable? wala kaming prom. all we had was a junior-senior turn-over ceremony, separate departments (boys & girls).
takot ang mga madre paglapitin ang boys and girls --- every year tumataas ang bakod ng school --- para di magkita ang mga students. :hypocritesmiley:

pero may makukulet --- isa na ko dun. :D

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Posted 30 December 2008 - 06:43 PM

wala kami JS nun hiskul huhuhu..

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Posted 30 December 2008 - 07:09 PM

Yung lawanit na dance floor - tinakpan yung flooring ng basketball court kasi magagasgas. :P

#27 *kalel*


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Posted 01 January 2009 - 08:27 PM

senior year... i was trying to dance with my crush... kaso binabakuran eh... but after dancing with all the other girls, i saw her dismissing yung bakod and looked at me .... matagal..... para bang sinasabi nya na isayaw mo na ko....

#28 Bitoy



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Posted 10 January 2009 - 02:07 AM

I attended our JS prom with a cast on my right foot due to a broken ankle. Nakakatawa pa nito nung makita ako nung isang teacher na nakaupo mag-isa sa isang mesa, sinabihan akong sumama sa iba na sumasayaw. Alam naman niyang pilay ako. :lol:

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    classical music. i jest not.
    seared lamb cutlets with fresh cracked peppercorn mushroom gravy drizzled on the side.
    apathy. the irony :P

Posted 10 January 2009 - 04:40 AM

17yrs old, dates two fingers in my pussy, beneath the lovely table settings of shang ortigas :P mmm...memories... :D dang

i can do this...

#30 Niru



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Posted 10 January 2009 - 07:57 PM

good memories, hehe i remember my crush C.D.V. was the one that invited me for a dance instead of me hehe, it was a good night, hope i was a little aggresive back then cause probably she would have been in my arms all night.

let me add good food, nice place it was Westin Philippine Plaza, was my thirdyear high junior prom and ofcourse "the dance" that completed the night. :)

shes now a nurse in states, i remember she told me when we danced that night her bra came off of her haha i never knew i had this magical aura taking ladies under garments off of them hehe. MAGIC!!!


#31 Miss Zelda

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Posted 10 February 2009 - 11:56 AM

I asked my exboyfriend to dance with me.



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Posted 19 February 2009 - 06:15 PM

natapakan ko ang laylayan ng gown at paa ng crush ko... kakahiya ako nun muntik na kong matunaw sa kahihiyan...

#33 mnlbay45



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Posted 01 March 2009 - 04:48 PM

She's taller than me, kanya naka lean over sya! :thumbsupsmiley:

#34 heatseeker0714



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Posted 03 March 2009 - 10:05 AM

my first and only threesome.... hehehehehe.... mag-pinsan sila... i was a 15 year old kid, 3rd year high school... after the party our barkadahan had a suite with 3 rooms reserved... yung isang girl classmate ko bj-ed me sa CR nung 1 suite... after also my first ever CIM, kung kaya ko pa daw her cousin, 1 16 year old senior was in the other room daw, kung kaya ko 3some.... who am I to turn her down... off we went to heaven.... :thumbsupsmiley:

very memorable talaga.... hhhhaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy..........

i kissed my crush on the dancefloor... she kissed back.... pinaghiwalay lang kami nung Pari....

had my 1st CIM with a transferee fil-am classmate....

had my 1st and only 3some with said transferee fil-am classmate with her cousin...

who can beat that.... :hypocritesmiley:

#35 *kalel*


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Posted 29 March 2009 - 01:46 PM

i cant beat that... sakin kilig moment lang with my crush back then....

#36 Eddy Syet

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Posted 29 March 2009 - 08:44 PM

I wrote and read my batch's "Class Will & Testament" when I was a senior during our JS prom. It was one of the highlights of the night which encouraged a lot of laughter and hugging among the attendees as it was like a goodbye testimony from our batch who will be graduating. The students loved it so much that they included it in our yearbook. I miss my alma mater tuloy! :)

#37 bonito99


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Posted 02 April 2009 - 06:32 PM

Went to at least 8 proms and grad balls.

High School rules! :)

#38 toink1621


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Posted 02 April 2009 - 09:49 PM

nakasayaw ko lang yung crush ko, masaya na ako nun! hahaha!

#39 rockybrawler



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Posted 04 April 2009 - 11:42 PM

Driving without a license after the prom. :lol:

#40 ChiliMac


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Posted 05 April 2009 - 12:59 PM

Sa akin badtrip after shopping for the perfect suit three days before the prom nagkaroon ako ng bukol sa noo as in dead center pa! Buti na lang uso yung "The Bodyguard " hairdo ni Kevin Costner kaya pinagaya ko para matakpan lang!

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