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Motel At Hotel Na May Camera..!

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#41 phillihp



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Posted 22 January 2003 - 12:39 PM

Share naman ng mga vcds from motels :)


punta ka na lang ng quiapo marami dun. yung sa cebu di naman hotel yun e. bhay yun na may mga 1 way mirror. tapos yung kaklase ng kapatid nya pinpapunta nya dun sa bahay. stay sila hangang gusto nila kaya ayun nakunan sila.

na report na yan ni marie kaimo ng gma 7.
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#42 Guest_templar_*

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Posted 22 January 2003 - 05:32 PM

Can you sue the hotel/motel owner?

Yes, you can sue; but the more important question is can you win? Unless you can prove prior knowledge on the part of the hotel/motel owner that the camera was placed in their establishments not for security reasons but for the specific purpose of invading your privacy for their own gains, I don't think you'll win the case.

The easiest excuse of the hotel/motel owners is that the cam was placed there by a previous guest without their knowledge. And considering that the cam is often concealed, neither can you get the hotel/motel owners on charges of negligence for not ensuring your total privacy. Even worse is you lose the case and get hit with a counterclaim for damages.

However, it's a different story when you talk about hotel/motel staff na namboboso because then the hotel/motel owners are responsible for exercising supervision over them (i.e., to tell them na wag mamboso ng guest). Dito you can sue both the bosero and the hotel/motel owners and win easy!

I agree with the suggestion to stick with the better motels and, if I may add, don't forget to tip the roomboy. It always helps to have an ally.......

just my 2 cents worth....:)

#43 Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy


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Posted 22 January 2003 - 05:47 PM

i dont fully agree pare ko, i think the owner is still responsible because they have to make sure that no case/s like this happens to their popoy place.. Anyway does any1 have a copy? Panalo ba? :unsure:

#44 kbxes



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Posted 22 January 2003 - 10:46 PM

kakatakot yan ah

#45 viking



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Posted 22 January 2003 - 11:37 PM

I wonder my barkada filipinos if u can pls. write in english... cause than we can all understand what u say...
this is very interresting subjects we have here... in all the subjects we should try to speak english...
for me who is not an american... but a european (not german) who use english as the language we can speak together, and understand eachother :huh:

#46 marko


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Posted 23 January 2003 - 01:36 AM

la yan. urban legend... kung meron eh di big scandal na yan diba.. :ph34r:

#47 gov


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Posted 23 January 2003 - 09:52 AM

ingat na lang!!! :wizard:

#48 muffdiver


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Posted 23 January 2003 - 05:27 PM

Hmmm, makapasyal nga sa Quiapo one time to check these vcd's. Baka later on I'd be shocked to see my own white hairy butt flying in the air. :P

#49 volks



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Posted 24 January 2003 - 10:37 AM

am not a lawyer, but i think the establishment can be sued, invasion of privacy siguro. but laking kahihiyan to, am sure the media will feast on this kind of story :$

talagang pagpepyestahan ng media yan...at medyo matindi kahihiyan yan na magmomotel ka na lang...mabebenta pa ginagawa mo sa bangketa...para ka na rin nadale ng raid sa MP o beerhouse...

#50 phxxxtapes



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Posted 29 January 2003 - 12:11 AM

sa Wise hotel nakapost yang note on detecting oneway mirrors

#51 Guest_fhoryou_*

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Posted 02 February 2003 - 06:10 AM

Guys para safe kayo sa mga motels, apartelles and inns turn off the lights na lang diba. Completely dark, expert naman yara karamihan dito eh.

#52 pasimple



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Posted 03 February 2003 - 01:41 AM

heard that they do not sell the tapes here locally but abroad in hongkong.

is there some truth in this ?

#53 filipinoguy69



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Posted 03 February 2003 - 08:34 AM

Scary naman ito.

Guys, sino may list ng mga confirmed motels with hidden cams. Sana ma-cbloack list natin ang mga ito, I personally cannot tolerate intrusion of privacy.

#54 tulisan



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Posted 03 February 2003 - 05:43 PM

pana kapag gumamit ng cam na pang-dilim yari pa rin...

#55 ice_man



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Posted 05 February 2003 - 12:07 AM

i have heard about that incident in cebu do you know where i can get those vcds thanx]

#56 civilcode


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Posted 05 February 2003 - 12:25 AM

Pre, sa quipo na nagbebenta ng XXX. But before bumili ako sa cebu scandal, HIndi pala yon original cebu scandal kundi tagalog XXX, pwede na rin pero maganda kung yon talaga original cebu scandal. Pero wala talaga ako makita na talagang cebu scandal.

Nasa picture yon pero iba laman

kaya ingat lang.

#57 leonardo_martin



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Posted 05 February 2003 - 05:49 PM

tungkol san ba yun cebu scandals mga estudyante ba yun na na spycam

#58 jhim



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Posted 05 February 2003 - 07:23 PM

tungkol nga saan yan cebu scndal na yan.. Im curious dyan eh..

#59 boobsy



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Posted 07 February 2003 - 08:24 AM

I have a digital camera with night vision. I tried it with the lights out and it loods greenish. if the VCD's you're seeing seems greenish, then its night vision lens that works during recording.

I heard from some roomboys that they were setting up the cameras in the motels rooms. remember when you drive into a motel and they say that sir wala nang available the regular, deluxe na lang meron ok lang ba? its also because they choose who to victimize. they usually leave a room or two vacant for special guests like politicians, artistas, who come and insist that they must have a room to get into at once so sinasabi lang nila walng available kung di ka pa kilala masyado. if you happen to be gong in with sumone na they think is a hottie and mabenta gawing VCD, then most likely they'll get you into a room na naka-set-up!

now think about that!

#60 Dekampanilla



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Posted 07 February 2003 - 09:12 AM

Sorry but I think this hidden cam thing in metro manila motels is a lot of bull. College pa lang ako, pinaguusapan na yan (im 37 yes old) If it were true, I am sure someone would have his hands on a copy of the hidden cam movie or pics by now. Wala akong alam na meron niyan. Yung sa cebu meron niyan but it wasn't even a motel. I believe that it was a house or apartment which the owner allowed some people to use for sex for his own devious plans.

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