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Ramblings Of An Insomaniac

insomnia se massage escort

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Posted 21 November 2019 - 04:33 PM

I have problem sleeping and when the problem persists, I tend to ramble and wander to heights of sexual exploration. I’m just a regular guy with a heightened libido, oftentimes, losing my way to the maze of private encounters until somewhere, someone is able to satisfy my dark longings and be part of my colorful memories.


These are my ramblings – a confirmed insomniac and a sex philanthropist.




I have been thinking of going to a spa as advertised here at MTC but I have second thoughts because it seems too public and I’m not quiet sure what to expect. More so, I don’t like to travel after a massage as I’d rather choose to relax and sleep. I asked a woman friend to accompany me since it would be my first time and told her to get a massage as well. My treat. I was thinking of just availing of a legit standard massage.


We went to a spa in Makati and if I were alone, I would have lost my way. The place was quiet hard to find inside a well-guarded gate and located on the side of the building, climbing a few flight of stairs, and there it is, on the left side.


The room was dark and I allowed my friend to take charge since I was too ashamed to ask. They gave me a list of the services and I picked one. My friend and I went inside together and pointed to me a particular dark room covered with a curtain. Not so well-lighted. “Anong gagawin ko?” I asked as the therapist just laughed. Anyway, I got undressed leaving my underwear on thinking that it would just be a standard massage. “ Woman E” came and as my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room, she was quiet cute. She asked me to stretch out face down while I positioned my face on a certain horseshoe shaped hole to breath easily. She put on a towel on my back and said, “Alisin na natin toh, sir ha” referring to my underwear. “Ah, e, okay, sige,” I obliged. She pulled that off as she started to massage my body with the oil.


Well, one thing led to another. The best part was the sensual massage I’ve experienced for the first time as she slowly glided and brushed her fingertips like a feather from the crack of my butt to my back, then, back again as she stimulated my manhood. It was tingling, stimulating, and horny at the same time. Perhaps, I was not just prepared or not in the mood or uncomfortable with the curtain just separating the rooms from each other. I can hear the other therapists talking about dinner on the far side of the room. I just came not to fulfill my fantasies but my curiosity perhaps. I just told her to focus on my legs since I got cramps too often. She obliged willingly and told me what to do everytime the muscle constrictions would re-occur. “Woman E” was very accommodating, ‘mabait’ and willing to please, which made the massage experience worthwhile and relaxing. She was so accommodating that she attempted to ask again, “Talagang ayaw niyo, sir?” and followed with a slight giggle. I shook my head not because I don’t like it but because the curtain which stood as a ‘door’ just kept blowing and served as a warning not for private moments no matter how fleeting it may seem.


After the massage, she offered if I wanted to have a ginger tea as I asked for just a glass of warm water. I went home that evening satisfied on that 28’th of October and the next day, my leg cramps were gone as I went to work. Thanks “Woman E” for such a wonderful session. The cramps, however, seem to come back again nowadays.

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Posted 22 November 2019 - 12:57 AM

“I’ve got my eyes on you” and it became true. She looked like an American porn star. The picture at any angle showed a somewhat wavy long, reddish hair, white complexioned and a highly accented nose. “She looked like an American porn star,” I thought. She became my “target” so to speak, in case, I would come to the spa. The accommodating Spa Representative answered all my questions in private message on how to get there as well as the rates and details. I have mustered enough courage to do it alone this time after seeing what a spa was like after my experience in Makati. I was about to go there but, lo, and behold, whether by luck or by chance, I sent a private message to someone advertising an “outcall” service and it was her! Picture and all! I got excited when she replied and made a deal. It might be too much from my budget but who cares. A one of a kind unique experience from that highly accented nose might be worth it.


As almost everybody was going to the cemetery on the first of November to pray for their loved ones, I found myself in one of the hotels in Cubao around nine in the evening. Waiting, communicating, and still waiting. It was quiet hard to communicate with “Lassy F.” She didn’t give her number only by private message here at MTC. She thought it would not push through because I was not able to respond immediately as I was on my way to Cubao from a public transportation. On my part, I thought she was already on her way since I have already said yes and I was already on the bus. I confirmed that I was not joking when I was already inside the hotel and checked my cellphone. She was surprised and I was a little frustrated but not for long as she arrived in less than an hour riding an “angkas” to avoid traffic she said. I have already waited long enough.


The time of waiting in the hotel was unbearable. I can’t keep my breath steady. I smoked too much and consumed a lot of two bottled juice. I was uneasy until the hotel receptionist called me by informing that I have a visitor. “This is it!” I thought. Let me see the package, my great American girl.


The one outside the door was, well, not really what I expected to exactly look like in the picture. But it was indeed her only a little ‘chunky’ on the right places. ‘Malaman ika nga.’ I offered to order her dinner from the hotel service but she said no. I calmed her fears and apprehensions as she started to laugh a little, “Akala ko, huhulihin mo ako” as she told me about these so called operations nowadays. I just smiled. “Alam mo ba MILF na ako? Nasabi ko ba?” she asked me and I just shook my head. ‘As long as you have a ‘pussy’ and not a rod, it doesn’t matter to me whether you’re MILF, a virgin, married, or single,’ I thought. She was wearing all black dress showing her well-sculpted legs and as she took it off still with black bra and black laced panty while looking in the mirror allowing me to have a clear view of her butt. The laces looked good on her accentuating her curvy, plump body but not too fat to make the room shake when she moved. Just enough measurement for my hands to hold and not to slip.


“Gusto mo masahe muna kita?” she offered with a smile as I said yes. She rubbed my back a little. “Nakalimutan ko ‘yung oil, sa susunod kung magkita pa ulit tayo, dadalhin ko na,” she informed me. “Okay lang po,” I assured her. The only oil I supposed I was craving for at that moment was the oil from her body.


After a time, she went to the bathroom and eventually got out of the shower wearing only a towel. She’s the ‘dark side’ girl. Not really fond of lights as I put off all the lights in the room except the one in the bathroom. She went on top of me as she eventually shed off her towel and sucked my nipple, at the same time, moaning a sweet, tender purr as if eating a delicious delicacy while masturbating my shaft to awaken it to stiffness. I glided my hands on her soft body from her breasts to her womanly opening as she knelt beside me. She continued her licking till she reached my shaft and with the expertise of her sexual prowess managed to put on a condom as she sucked my shaft to attention. She sat on top of me continuing her womanly purr and glided me inside her as she took charge of grinding me to pleasure. I held on to her breasts, at times, kissing and sucking her nipples from one to the other. Then, we changed position. She reclined into bed and spread her legs for a welcoming penetration. I kissed her breast and attempted to go down there but she stopped me, “I don’t do DATY,” she said as she lifted up my head. I respected her appeal as I put my rod into her once again enjoying every moment, every movement, every minute of the glide. “Oh, yes, harder,” she said as I gave in to her requests. I spread her legs wider lifting her up a little as she moaned more loudly. “That’s my spot! Harder! Ooohhh…” she admitted as she looked into my eyes in the somewhat darkened room and I pounded her even harder while, at times, rubbing her womanly ‘spot.’ The room was filled with sweet whining for both of us as we both smelt each other’s body. Then, as expected from the height of sexual intimacy, everything has to come to an end in one big spurt of satisfaction. I fell exhausted beside her. After a few moments, in one big sweep, she took out the condom and threw it into the waste basket.


We talked for more than an hour about life, relationships, and vape. She already managed to dress-up on her laced black dress once again as she blew the smoggy vapor from her vape. The room was filled with the somewhat ‘chocolatey’ aroma. It was a night like all other nights in my life that someone has to go and leave my wallet thinner. There is no permanence in such promiscuous encounter. I have learned that a long, long time ago as I also don’t want such commitment to suffocate my independence.


As expected, “Lassy F” left by going back to the cemetery to pray for her beloved ones and I was all alone once again cooped up in my own quiet ‘graveyard’ ordering three bottles of beer, spicy ‘kilawing kambing’ and a good night’s rest.


A few minutes will be November 2. ‘My beloved ones, please pray for my soul.’

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Posted 03 December 2019 - 08:59 PM

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Posted 04 December 2019 - 09:24 AM

The seminar in Quezon City that second week of November made me tired, bored, and horny. Horny do you say? It has nothing to do with the seminar. It was in my mind. Talks that lasted from eight in the morning till four in the afternoon made me dizzy by thinking ‘how should I get out of here without being noticed?’ I kept thinking all throughout if I should be dropping by late in the afternoon to a certain spa from which I have contacted “Ms G.” through a private message here in mtc for a possible session. I finally managed to ‘escape’ that warm afternoon right at the end of the seminar while everybody was busy taking photos of the participants.


I found the place. The name of the spa beside the gate seemed to be hiding in a corner as if telling that ‘those who are just familiar with mtc can come in and avail of the promo.’ It took a second look to find it in order to make sure it is the right place. I checked-in to a nearby appartelle to rest and sleep for awhile informing “Ms. G” that I am already nearby and most probably, I could come around 11 pm. I was so tired and, perhaps, that was not the right moment to go to a spa. Yet, when lust took over once will power, physical tiredness may just be a fleeting moment of discomfort. The lustful expectation became more torturous and sleep was driven out of the way. I prepared myself and walked just a short distance to the spa.


The ‘boy’ outside the spa assisted me in going in without any words. It worked for me since I was not fond of questions I felt uncomfortable to answer. The cozy yellowish light inside the spa and the extra large comfy sofa near the reception was a great temporary respite to a tired body. The girl receptionist was accommodating as I paid the advertised promo. It seemed like everything was already pre-arranged. The ‘boy’ showed me the room and closed the door. It was somewhat dark with only the light from the nearby bathroom being turned on. I waited for a few minutes with great expectation and my breathing seemed to run out of me. The door opened and there she was with a smile that filled the entire room. “Ms. G.” was more than what I have expected. Her picture did not do justice to the real one. She looked much prettier in person with her red lipstick and shiny attire. Her red robe hid the treasure beneath and her cheerful attitude drove away my discomforts and tiredness. Ngiti siya ng ngiti. Nakakaaliw kasama. ‘Yun palang bawi na. It felt like we were long lost friends.


“Hubad ka na sir. Tingnan ko nga kung ready na,” tapos hagalpak ng tawa habang hinawakan si junior while sitting on the bed. No, not yet ready. I laughed with her. “O, asan na ang buhay na manok na regalo mo?” she jokingly asked. “Sabi mo chubby ka at maitim. Mas maputi ka pa sa akin eh. Lahat ng sabi mo baligtad. Ang kulit kulit and napaka-talkative mo sa text pero ang tahi-tahimik mo at ang tipid magsalita,” she laughed about everything she recalled on our private messages. We have a good conversation even if I was lost for words. I was lost for words with her pretty [nakakagigil na pretty] round face rather than recalling the past.


The massage was soothing. It was legit from the expertise of her hands. She knew where to put the pressure and it was not just for arousal. Di nagmamadali. She took her time relaxing my tired muscles after knowing the agony I have to go through by attending that seminar. The arousal came later as I lay on my back. “Ms. G” eventually took off her red robe, white bra and underwear and rubbed her naked body on top of me gliding her round, tayong-tayo, perky breasts [yes, wow!] on my chest, smiled her sweetest smile and started kissing me on the lips. She initiated it all. It was not just a smack. It was torrid na parang uhaw na uhaw. She explored my lips and sucked my tongue. Such kiss opened the way for me to let go of the devil inside. I was aroused as she slowly nibbled my chest, my stomach and my manhood. She sucked me while purring her sweet sound of pleasure. She swallowed and nibbled at my dick just like I’ve seen only in pornographic videos. She was at a different level. Now, I knew what PSE really meant. A Porn Star Experience.


We slowly sat and I sucked her nipple. It was small and perky. She smelt of womanly soap as I explored her well-shaved pussy with my hand. I kissed her neck down to her tummy and slowly licked her still downwards. “Teka lang,” tapos tawa ng tawa while holding my head up. “Gusto mo ‘yan? Hihihi…’di ako naka-prepare. ‘Di ko na-expect. Teka lang,” as she went to the bathroom and washed up. She returned smiling and we kissed again and eventually I went down under and played my tongue in her pussy as she moaned and gyrated with my licking. The hot lustful atmosphere was broken by her shout ,”Hooyyyy….!!” It was not because of me. It was someone who opened the door while I was eating her as my midnight snack. The momentary break did not last long. I continued to eat her and played my tongue inside and outside her opening. I broke my rhythm and kissed her up to her small nipple. Sucked it gently and took my time. I was so hot with pleasure as I kissed her red lips again and rubbed my shaft outside her opening. And oh yes, there came another, “Hoyyyy…!!” My goodness! Another one attempted to open the door. “Nakalimutan ko kasi ang pako, pampa-lock diyan. Hihihi…” she explained. I’ve realized that a simple thing as a nail could have been greatly useful for such discreet moment.


Then, she pushed me to lie as she reached out for a condom and inserted it in my shaft. She became controlling as she sat on top of me, at the same time, smiling at me, kissing, and nibbling my lips never minding the womanly juice and scent from my mouth. She just sucked and nibbled and kissed me while assisting my manhood to her opening. After a few strokes, I cummed and I was even surprised. She was yet at the point where she was just beginning to abuse and make me feel what it really meant to have a porn star experience of a lifetime. That was it! I spurted my fluid unexpectedly in the middle of it all.


“Kaya pala lumambot na!” she giggled as she took it off and laid beside me. “Masyadong excited yata,” I explained with an apology. “Pagod ka pa niyan ha,” she laughed. We talked about things and took a shower together. It was not actually a shower. There was only a small ‘balde’ filled with water. She washed me up with soap and whispered, “Baka gusto mo pa?” then, she winked as flirtatious she can be while laughing.


I went out of that spa not my own self. I was on cloud 9. It was so unreal but so delicious. It was indeed a pornstar experience with “Ms. G.” She accommodated EVERYTHING I have hoped to happen in a spa and even more than that. She became my newfound addiction!

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Posted 05 December 2019 - 07:33 AM

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Posted 05 December 2019 - 01:06 PM

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