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How About Japan (tokyo, Kyoto, And Other Cities

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#1 murusame



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Posted 04 July 2006 - 01:12 PM

Hey guys just curious on who on the forums has been to Japan.

What sites and tourist areas would you recomend? How can you get cheap hotels or ryokans, plus which air carier would be more reasonable? Also what can you expect in terms of food and other stuff. Para naman we could easily calculate our expenses and plan our trips to Japan.

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#2 Sir Galahad®

Sir Galahad®

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Posted 04 July 2006 - 04:38 PM

Of course, Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea, which is not actually in Tokyo.... And universal studios Japan in Osaka....

As for hotels/ryokans? Never had the chance to look for one, I was sent there to work so I had my own place that time.

Try to stay in the Yokohama area though, lots of Filipino communities around :)

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#3 sexythang


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Posted 12 July 2006 - 11:56 AM

best time to go is durin spring when the weather is not so hot and not so cold. if you like sightseeing, osaka and kyoto is recommended for the traditional feel (temples, geishas plus the cherry blossoms).

if you dig amusement parks, try Sir Galahad's suggestion of going to Disney resorts but I recommend the Universal Studios in Osaka since the rides are said pretty much like the one in the US. For extreme rides, Fuji-Q is famous. If you are planning to go to Yokohama, there's Sea paradise and go to Minato-Mirai 21 to check out the Cosmo Clock (Ferriswheel with bright lights and a digital clock in the middle).

Around summer, you can go to Ocean Dome. Never been there but looks expensive though.

Cost of entrance fees for amusement parks can cost around JPY3500-JPY10,000. If you are going to Universal Studios or Disneyland/sea I suggest you go there for 2 days to enjoy the rides. Queueing formajor rides can take as long as 3 hours esp. in USJ.

You have to try the hot springs or onsen if you are plannin to stay in ryokans. The cost for stayin in ryokans depends on the city you're stayin in. They rarely accept single travellers so it would be better if you go there by groups but they charge per person not per room. Average would be about JPY7000 per person per night. But still ryokans are cheaper compared to hotels. If you are goin wit a gf, then try at least to go to a rabu rabu hoteru (love hotel). Lotsa kinky stuffs (daw)...never been there so can't tell, but i've seen one online.

For transportation, JR is the most famous local train. They sell ride-all-you-can tickets for tourists. Try to google Japan Railways and check the ticket types. They don't sell that kind of ticket in Japan so I suggest to get it before you go here. It is easy to go around here cuz you can always check online which train you have to ride, what time you have to leave, and which trains you have to transfer to. Don't worry, if you think you got lost, you can always go back without payin extra. As long as you're still inside the train station.

As for food, you'll be overwhelmed wit the serving of the dishes. Durin summer if you wanna try Sobas or Udons, mind ya...they serve em cold. Must tries are ramen, sushi, yakuniku, kare, tempura. There are places that offer unlimited rice, eat-all-you-can, drink-all-you-can. Individual meals cost around JPY500-JPY2000. It's always nice to go to restaurants that have picture menus so you won't feel lost.

Whew and haba na pala..when it comes to Airlines I think China Airlines is the cheapest and when it comes to service I'd say you go for JAL.

Kung may tanong ka lang fireaway hehe.

#4 kiko machine

kiko machine


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Posted 12 August 2006 - 02:54 AM

if you like going to the beach, especially now na summer sa japan
okinawa is the place to go....

also d2 gaganapin yng world basketball.... featuring USA (wade and co.)
sa sapporo nman ito ....


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#5 shrike


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Posted 14 August 2006 - 11:12 AM

2x (2d/2n) pure bznz trip lang. Have to be a good boy since I'm negotiating for a deal, me won't fall for Japanese bznz tricks.
Just decent bars, public baths on the Tokyo and Kyoto city limits. I'm not mobile (can't make gala on my own) so I have to make with what my 'counterparts' can offer for fun and declining obvious girlie joints. :hypocritesmiley:

#6 Headroom



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Posted 17 August 2006 - 12:02 PM

Japan is a really great place - lived with a Japanese family in Kochi in Shikoku. It has one of the last surviving castles from the castles from the Japanese fuedal age - it is known as Kochijo and was first constructed in the early 1600's as the seat of power for the Yamauchi lords. It also has a nice beach.

Also spent a bit of time tripping around - wasn't too impressed with Osaka but thought Kyoto and Hiroshima were great.

In Kyoto the Kinkakuji or the Golden Pavilion is a must see which dates back to the 700's when it was the Emperor's Palace. The Ryoanji Zen Temple famous for its rock garden is also worth visiting and of course there is Gion - possibly the most famous Geisha district in Japan.

In Horoshima you can visit the Atomic Bomb Dome which was directly below the blast and partially survived. The Peace Park and Peace Museum are interesting places as well.

And Tokyo - well there aren't too many places like it:

Akihabara for electronics
Ginza for a trendy shopping district
Harajuku with the Meiji shrine as well as the younger japanese citizens showing off their extreme fashions
Roppongi for nightlife

Great city - pity its so expensive.

#7 pro2v5



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Posted 17 August 2006 - 01:06 PM

If you like cheap electronic products, go to Akihabara. There are lots of duty free shops there. LAOX & AKKY are few of the biggest.

If you like shopping, try Ueno. There are lot of bargain items there. May nearby park, museum at zoo din d2. Meron din malapit na electronic shops like Yodobashi camera. Malapit din dito ung mga jewelry shops.

If you like night life, try Ropponggi. Daming foreigners dyan. Daming discos and clubs. May nearby hard-rock caffe.

Kung hanap mo eh ung red light zone, punta ka Shinjuku. Sa Kabuki-chou. Dami dyan bugaw na magaalok sau ng live shows. :boo:

#8 sabaku_no_gaara



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Posted 17 August 2006 - 03:27 PM

check out the forum section on www.japantoday.com

dami ka din sigurong makuhang info don.

overall, masyadong magastos don, but i think its worth it

#9 hammer87



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Posted 24 August 2006 - 01:20 AM

planning to go to the U.S. with a 3 hour stopover sa Narita Airport. any suggestions on what to do during those 3 hours?

#10 kreestian



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Posted 24 August 2006 - 02:00 AM

the best ang food sa japan... rice pa lang panalo na! everything is fresh... first class... its expensive nga lang... anyhow, its worth the price...

transpo is superb as well. you can go around the city primarily by train and everything is on time... you'll be awed...

best place to buy electronics is sa akihabara as already mentioned.

been to disneyland. from opening until mag sara, suliiitttt!!!!! when inside, try to find and avail of "fast pass" can't remember the exact term. its a stub dispenser giving you a specific time to go that specific ride and hinde mo na kelangan pumila. You can avail of it every two hours. Its good to use on the good rides like splash mountain... another tip would be its very easy to get on the rides kapag magsasara na.... since uwian na mga tao, halos walang pila... its exciting as well racing with time.. you'll observe japanese who are seasoned guests getting advantage of this...

sana makabalik pa ulit ako dito... marry a japanese maybe... hehehe

enjoy japan!

#11 bananaman



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Posted 11 September 2006 - 10:43 PM

Hey! Listen, I have a slight dillemma here. You see, I will be in Japan for two weeks because of a business trip, but since I have an extra weekend, I'd love to spend a day in DisneyLand (or DisneySea for that matter). Problem is, my two colleagues wouldn't go with me because they are buying a camera in Akihabara so they'd rather spend their money there. I already have a camera and I might as well make my trip worth by going to Disney.

So here it is, who's coming to Japan this September 16 or 17? Let's go to Disney together. Or is there anyone who's living in Japan now that could accompany me, and maybe give me a tour. I really need company, I don't want to go to Disney alone, but if worse comes to worst then I just might.

And maybe we can tour Akihabara or Shibuya the day after. Anybody interested? :D

#12 bananaman



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Posted 11 September 2006 - 11:05 PM

Oops, I made a mistake. I'll be there on the weekend of 23 to 24. Please tour with me. :D

#13 kenji_1989



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Posted 19 September 2006 - 09:01 PM

Japanese Filipino citizen here...

During spring, I recommend also the Dojo Castle in Nagoya Japan. It also has the largest number of cherry blossom trees "sakura" in Japan.

In summer, the best leisure and tour to be done will be hiking and nature travelling.. its very very relaxing and cool..Like others said above, best beaches will be in Naha, Okinawa. Airfare is 35,000 Yen or Php12,000+.. Suggested moutains to visit are in the Nakatsugawa area and Inabu Mountains and of couse dont forget, Mt Fuji ^_^

In autumn i have no such idea.

In winter, best skii area will be in Shizuoka Prefecture, Nagano and in Sapporo Hokkaido...And hey, dont miss out the Ramen Festival held in Tokyo yearly...You'll see all the type of ramens cooked and best thing is, you can eat ones in affordable prices since that is also a competition of which ramen house serves the most delicious....God that is very excting and belly filling event.. ^_^ For the best sashimi and sushi, go to places in near shorelines and surely, you'll eat very fresh seafoods ^_^

Going to Japan next month ^_^

Airfares to Japan from Manila:

Japan Airlines = $700 ($1000 during peak seasons and holidays) <---this is just economy class by the way..
Philippine Airlines = $550 ($600-$800 during peak seasons not sure with the price)

#14 jake_romp



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Posted 22 September 2006 - 07:15 PM

been there and visited Kyoto and Okayama. Kyoto is a beautiful place... temples and palaces side by side modern structures. transpo, food and almost everything is expensive, but it's worth it visiting the land of the rising sun at least once in your lifetime.

#15 middleaged



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Posted 11 November 2006 - 11:14 PM

of course disneyland and disney sea. kaso i always find travelling to tokyo a bit of a challenge. no offense meant pero ang hirap to go around pag di ka marunong magsalita & magbasa ng japanese.

#16 onamaewa



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Posted 14 February 2007 - 03:53 PM

Japan - very clean and orderly place..great place to visit...downside lang is very expensive :cry:

In Tokyo, Akihabara is the place if your into gadgets and electronics, you can get budget prices here for older (but not so old) electronic models (just be a good hunter...hehehe)
Ueno for not so hi-end shopping (they have tiangge minsan pag weekends) but if you have money to splurge Ginza is the place for shopping...many signature/designer outlets.
Shinjuku is another commercial area..you can already shop after getting of the various subway and JR trains...lots of shop in the train terminal... ingat lang you might get lost sa undergroung station
Imperial palace and other temples if you want to see old japanese culture and history....nice gardens

In Kyoto the old capital... try to visit the Kinkakuji temple (Golden pagoda) and the Nightingale palace (not sure if this is what its called...cant remember the Japanese name)..its an old imperial palace wherein when you walk along the halls theres a sound like birds chirping when you walk over the wooden floor... (according to our guide, this serves as warning to the palace guards when intruders are entering the palace trying to assasinate the emperor.... samurai/shogun era). There are many other temples to visit.

Hiroshima... of course their main attraction is the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Museum.... they try to showcase the effects of the A-Bomb that was dropped during WW II.

Ride the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto and Hiroshima to view the Japanese country side...you can also see the famous Mt. Fuji along the way...it will take you about 2 hrs from Tokyo to Kyoto and another 2 hrs to Hiroshima...

Hope this helps

#17 technomarine01



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Posted 18 February 2007 - 07:20 PM

was there in 2000. found it really easy to travel by commute because everything was so systematized, specially the rail system

#18 Sqwigy



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Posted 18 February 2007 - 09:44 PM

Any recommendations for cheap stay in Shinjuku area of Tokyo? Any recommended websites for cheap hotels in that area?

#19 Sir Galahad®

Sir Galahad®

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Posted 19 February 2007 - 10:29 AM

Haven't been in Japan for a while but I suggest you should try to find a place in saitama.... It takes an hour to go to shinjuku though. I don't remember the place I stayed (since it was a long time ago), but I stayed in Nishi-Kawaguchi and went to Ichigaya during my business trip there.

If you want to go to a place where there are a lot of foreigners (usually europeans), how about trying to go to roppongi :)

#20 shadowspy


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Posted 01 March 2007 - 05:05 PM

I'm in Japan right now (45 mins away from Tokyo). Astig kasi nalaman ko na dito pala sa city center namin shinooting ang opening at closing credits ng Bioman (yung scenes na nagpopose sila at tumatalon sila from a building). I watched them sa Youtube and found out that the places where they did that still looked the same today (kaya ko napansin). I'm planning to have my picture taken there with a Bioman pose one of these days (kailangan maghintay na kaunti ang tao otherwise magmumukha akong ewan...hahahah!)
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