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Literary Folio - The Writer's Thread Vol. 1

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Posted 04 April 2003 - 10:03 PM

akoy tutula, mahabang mahaba
akoy uupo, tapos napo :lol: :lol:

#2 Fatal_Seduction


    Good Guy Gone Bad

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Posted 28 April 2003 - 03:17 PM

Anyway, here goes my first article... this is a poem converted to a song... The inspired by the heart aches sometime ago...

By: Fatal_Seduction

It's been three months, but I still recall
the love that we've made, and the warmth of your embrace
though I can still feel the pain,
coz much of it still remains...

Now I've been hurting for quite a time,
Been hurting so much, losing room for love
thoughts are bugging my restless mind
how did I lose the very one I love...

'coz it's you I've been dreamin' of
and loving though you're long gone...
still hopin that it's me you love
though I know that it will never, and never will it happen again.

My heart bleeds, and bleeds enough..
'coz loving you is really, really rough.
I dunno if I could longer bear the pain
for I may not fall inlove again.

Now that I've lost my love and my friend
so what can I do, besides reminiscin'
but given a chance to hold you again
I'll be with you until the end

Well I will always be loving you
though you may find somebody new
as long as skies are painted blue
my love will be forever... true.

(the melody will be given by the author upon request)

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#3 jay_lanz



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Posted 28 April 2003 - 10:23 PM

untitled #34

i've had my share of heartbreaks been burned lot of times before
maybe i never risked that much, or maybe i just dont know
what's the purpose of trying if just for the sake of trying
don't you think there has to be somethin more to that?

waited all my life for someone to just be madly in love with
and who'll be that way to me too
who stills my heart and takes my breath away
to hell with the rules, the games people play

you calm my storms and give me rest,
made me hope again and i believe
i just want you to know, this is me--
everything i am is for you
as this world turns so does mine around you
for you're worth evry second of my life,
you're worth all the wait i had

everything will fall into place one day, i know
when there's no holdin back,
when each touch we have is made to last
no fears, no uncertainties.. only to be free with you
together we'll beat back the pain we've found
and it doesn't matter what people would say
all i'll ever need to know is this---
what we're trying to build is real and true
so here's my heart,and take me in,
take me deeper than ive ever been

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#4 jay_lanz



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Posted 28 April 2003 - 10:30 PM

untitled #38

weeks have passed since i could recall
that early morning
you held me close, you held my hand,
this "love" you gave, hesitant to take
but, all these inside.. came crashing through
tearing down my walls
you reached through me, breaking my defenses
caught in your riptide...

didn't i tell you this shouldn't be?
we mustn't fall for each other, not just yet.
i like you and you, back to me--
"for now let's leave it at that"
you're still with someone you just can't live without
just can't make up your mind
let me be the first to tell you---
with him, that's never love...
it never was--i know that much.
you can't go through life like that..
why do you stay if you feel that way?
it's so selfish, will you ever understand?
to disregard other's feelings for just what you want.

but still you perservered in me...
made me believe again, gave me faith
i followed my own road to ruin
and the nights we spent staring up at stars..
when you hold me close, you held my hand
spending hours til the sun comes up
dreaming of a time where we could be just free..
i just want to know if we're getting somewhere...
that there's some sense in this
and if ever we'll find it
that i'm anywhere near your heart

and now, you've led me as far as this point
both of us, jaded and confused
never wanted it to be this way
stayed for you as long as i could
understood what you're going through
even protected you with what they said
thought i could make you realize
help you find your way to decide..
lead you to something worthwhile..
take you to a place where your heart can rest

you just don't see what you're putting me through
i know you got your problems,
and its best if i leave this out for you
but i have to be fair to myself,
if you can't be that to me
you're just so set in your ways
it's so hard to get through to you
now, you're shutting yourself from me
what else do you expect me to do?
i'm hurting, im tired..
most of all, i'm miserable because of you..
cause i've been a fool long enough to realize,
we're not going anywhere..
maybe this was a mistake afterall
and now, you've lost me.

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#5 madmutt



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Posted 29 April 2003 - 09:06 AM

procastinating dreamer

as the sun rises to start my life
the darkness slowly is eased out of the pavement
light enveloping the space of my world
faster than i could have imagined it would be

i struggle to get past the morning
with thoughts of the evening still fresh
haunting memories of despair and sorrow
won't allow the light to succeed in its duty

nearing noon i walk upright but with a limp
carrying a burden that i cannot see or feel
a guilt that never ceases within the realm of my mind
creating a vortex, void of memories and feelings

the afternoon creeps in and i feel funny
seems that i am longing for the comfort of the night
the cold and dampness of the pavement
i feel the utmost delight

night suddenly arrives swiftly
without warning it falls
i graciously accept it, through my soul
my life seems to have been spared

no light, no people
just me and the shadows of the night
i welcome there company more
than the day with the sun's glare

#6 jay_lanz



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Posted 29 April 2003 - 09:53 AM

untitled #39

this pain engulfs me
like the waves that once took my life
everything blue and turning grey
flashing before my eyes

this tears, i succumb to
before ever knowing they had fallen
i'm more alone than i ever was
more alone than i could ever be

maybe i'll take a drive tonight
rev the 4A-GE
squeeze the pedal to redline
as i shift into higher gear
midnight air hits me hard
maybe it can make me forget
even for just a while
how silence deafens me,
now that you're gone

cause everything is so quiet
since you're not around
and all these demons in my head
they all start to overwhelm me

memories come and words all repeat
they all come crashing down on me
memories go and words do fade
love's tragedies of this f#&ked up life we're in

what can i say, but this---
"i'm commited to all these memories of you,
love is overated
leaves you devastated"
though i tried to forget this
wind screamin' memories of you
as i pass through buzzing neon lights
and here i am, driving faster than ever before
with my heart ripped in two

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#7 jay_lanz



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Posted 29 April 2003 - 06:15 PM

untitled #40

these past few weeks
you've been thinking yourself to sleep
and you've been so confused
with the way this hurts
doesn't it make you wonder
if you're better off alone?

think about this--
you fall in love
you break your heart
another one walks by,
you fall in again--
it's neverending.

hey, me! when will you ever learn?
that relationships and heartaches
are one and the same...
why do you always have to be
the stupid idiot in the end?
you put down your defenses too easily
why do you love with only your heart?
cause to you, that's the only way...
maybe it's this world
maybe true love was never meant for you
never meant for this kind of world
i know you're giving up on it
and i guess i am too..

its 4am, have you had any sleep?
look at yourself
what the hell happened to you?
you look like s@%t, you should know..
didn't i tell you
not to take love so seriously?
why are you so attracted to drama?
tell me, what does it take to be happy?
cause you've been risking all your life
and still you end up this way..

you got out of bed today
i know you're sick of feeling down
why don't you ever seem to learn?
that love is wrong, and
that girls are f#&king evil?
you need to find clarity
you've been so lost for 23 years..
to think that there would be someone
who'd make you smile so wide
and make sure to keep it that way..

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#8 jay_lanz



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Posted 30 April 2003 - 01:33 PM

untitled #35

look up and you will see
stars are out tonight
in this clear summer night canopy
and don't you know you're the brightest one
shining in my sky?

you make me smile so wide
when i look into your eyes
its your charm, the way you move..
you should know, when you're not around,
you're somewhere stuck inside my mind.

so close your eyes and keep holding on
cause all these things they say
to keep us apart is foregone
just have to take it a step a time
cause chasing the sun isn't my kind of fun
just have to wait for a while
you should know all these things i have
deep inside for you is all worthwhile
i mustn't worry, i musn't doubt
cause you're everything to me
and things won't be the same
if it's my life and you without

and you, up on your stage
i'm just happy to know someone
who feels the same way as I do
with you, watching stars beside me
really happy to be with someone who makes me happy

so, won't you please realize
that we're something we need to give a chance?
can't you see that i'm here for you for all time?
i don't care much about your past
just as long as we make it today and tomorrow..
through all the things that'll try to keep us apart,
together we'll go through them, and find ourselves
still with each other, with your hand in mine..
watching clear summer night skies
and maybe we'd be lucky enough to see
a falling star go by, our way...

#9 magritte70



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Posted 30 April 2003 - 03:52 PM

Kung Paano Sumira ng Buhay/Bahay

May dapat tayong gibain na bahay.
Ano pa'ng dapat kong sabihin sa 'yo? Pinunit na
yero at nakakangilong tili ng mga
pakong paisa-isang binubunot. Wasakin mo na
ang mga haligi, hagdan at kisame.

Ano pa'ng dapat kong sabihin sa 'yo?
(nilipad na ng hangin ang ating bubong,
tinadyakan mo na ang pinto.)

Itapon na, sunugin kung puede pa.

Ano pa'ng dapat kong sabihin sa 'yo
maliban sa
Wala nang dapat matira sa hindi ko masabi sa 'yo?!

Ano pa ba ang kailangan mo sa akin?

Tapos na.
Pabayaan na ang kanyang pagguho.

#10 jay_lanz



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Posted 30 April 2003 - 05:18 PM

untitled #41

i passed by the place
where we used to meet
i can't help but remember
when you were still beside me
as we take a drive around the avenue
with your head resting on my shoulder
your hand on my hand on the shiftgear
most times i wonder what was
going through your head
i speak nothing cause words only confuse..
i don't know but i guess
it'll never be that way again

falling for her
was the easy thing to do
if only i could make her
hang around much longer

when summer's gone
i won't be sad
as you cling to all the good times
that you've had
when i say goodbye to nostalgia
i keep on doing the things i do
cause maybe being alone
isn't really all that bad

i passed by the place
where we used to hang
remembering when i used to
drop by your house and pick you up
we buy a few drinks, have a few laughs
you know what the best part of my day was?
for about 10 seconds before i pull up
to the curb and i get to your white gate.
i'll think that when i get up there
knock and find you won't be there...
no "hello", goodbye kisses , no "see you later"...
then you'll come out the front door
and everything's ok

i loved her more
than i've ever loved anyone before
hey, silly girl, you should know
that i've been true

in the car, when we're alone..
do you ever remember the songs that we play?
did you ever listen to the words and melodies?
did you ever feel the pain inside
the way that it hurts me?
when you're in your room at night,
i hope you'll be singing along.
and just for you to know,
i'm somewhere singing those songs with you.

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#11 jay_lanz



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Posted 30 April 2003 - 11:24 PM

untitled # 36

got out of bed today
how did we ever get lost and find each other this way?
it's like every wish i've ever made came true,
the day i woke up lying next to you.

oh, and what i wouldn't give
just to kiss your lips again
once more, can i hold your hand next to my heart?
and find myself waking up
with you the next day, the day after?

i look out the window..
what lies at the end of this horizon?
cause it seems it has widened
to something more that i fear we may not handle..
but, rest assured, i have faith in this,
together, we'll make it through..

i watch you sleep in this morning air
and i just can't believe you're here with me
i'm really happy to be
somewhere with someone who makes me happy

will you be my bestfriend
if told you i love you?
if i offer you my heart?
cause it's already YOURS!
we could hang out and watch the sun go down
just as long as we cud watch it rise again...

#12 magritte70



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Posted 01 May 2003 - 10:21 AM

I have decided to open up a thread for the "repressed".  Well, we can pool in our Poems or Lyrics here... or even creative articles.  This way, all the MTC writers will have a good "outlet" for those repressed emotions.

We can also insert comments here...  surf on!

thanks fatal seduction for starting this thread.
i mostly write in english pero sobra hanga ako sa mga
nagsusulat sa Pilipino, especially poetry. B) Kasi masakit talaga magsulat sa Tagalog
at tagos sa bone marrow. Let me share with you one gem
I found long ago, too bad I couldn't remember the author.

Babae Ka't Lalaki Ako

Nakalatag na ang gabi
subalit bantulot kong higa'n
dahilan sa lalamukin
na naman ako ng iyong
mga alaala.

Matalas ang liwanag ng buwan
sintalas ng liwanag na
gumuhit sa likod ng aking utak
nang idantay mo
sa malamig kong likod
ang maligamgam mong mga daliri
sintalas ng mga ngipin mong
bumaon sa kaliwa kong balikat

noong unang gabing tanggapin mong
babae ka't lalaki ako

babae ka't lalaki ako
tinaggap ko rin 'yon
subalit ako na lalaki'y
hindi dapat na
ikaw lamang ang maging babae
hindi mo matanggap 'yon
ikaw na babae'y dapat lamang
na ako lang ang maging lalaki
hindi mo rin matanggap 'yon

kaya ngayon, bagamat kanina pa
nakalatag ang gabi
hindi ko ito maaaring higa'n
dahil lalamukin lang ako
ng pag-aalalang may ibang
pinagdurugo ang iyong mga ngipin
may ibang likod na pinag-aapoy
ang maligamgam mong mga daliri

#13 Guest_fhoryou_*

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Posted 01 May 2003 - 01:14 PM

How one does know if it is
When it is or where it is
Isn't that to much to ask if it is
There must be something to this
Then if one does not know how it is
No one will know it is

But when it happens what one will do with it
Does one just take it
Or does one leave it
Ain't not easy when it is it
So how can be one sure to do with it
The best thing is appreciate it
And experience it.

#14 magritte70



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Posted 03 May 2003 - 11:01 PM

folie a deux?

i can't touch your face
you're a pin in
a stack of hay
where mad people
i call my friends live
and with words and notes
cursing the world
what it did to them
but only you dared bleed me
and smile...

i can't feel your mind
last few minutes
before sleep
chased by a sea of women
in your dreams
you think i know you
but until i live
inside you
what do i know?

maybe the secret with you is
there is none.
and you are off running
before my hand
can touch your heart.

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#15 jay_lanz



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Posted 04 May 2003 - 07:35 PM

untitled #42

i tried calling you,
but only loneliness seems to answer
and the memory of your face haunts me
night and day---when i wake,when i slumber..

i lay my head on my pillow
the same one we rested on
and the scent of your hair still diffuses in my room
its always there---when i wake, when i rest..

i try to hold on
but you push me away
i try to find you
but you hide
is this really how you want us to be?

with everything said and done
how long can you stay this way?
let me just know one thing
how does it feel to know i still want you?

and i would never lie to you
by now, you should know that of me
i just only wish you find
whatever you need to be
i love you that much,
can't you see
that's how you are to me

i'll be
far enough for you to be
i'll be
near enough for you to see
and i wouldn't ask any more than this...

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#16 magritte70



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Posted 05 May 2003 - 12:07 AM

The Guitar

The cry of the guitar
The crystals of dawn are
The cry of the guitar
It's useless to stop it.
It's impossible to stop it.
Its cry monotonous
as the weeping of water,
over the snowfall.
It's impossible to
stop it.
It cries for distant things
Sands of the scalding South
seeking white camellias.
It mourns the arrow without target
evening without morning
and the first bird dead
upon the branch
Oh, guitar
Heart wounded
by five swords.


#17 magritte70



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Posted 05 May 2003 - 01:36 PM

sadness is an e flat note

sadness, and only this
came with the rain
that altered the face
of the moon
and quaked its stillness
sadness, and only this
was borne of forgetting
sadness, and only this
we will remember
of each other

and to where falls the dream
we let go
and to what scent and song
will stir up memories
sadness, and only this
can explain everything:

the distance between us
and the beat-up old
Wolfgang album
left in a room somewhere
in a wound
that will never heal.

(for Robert, who taught me
three chords and everything else)

#18 homealoneguy



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Posted 06 May 2003 - 05:57 AM

:heart: LOVE :heart:

This thing to which you have awaken me
Neither of us could alter or forget.
A knowing of being part of lifeís enduring life,
A sharing in the heartís involvement
In the hope for eternity, in charity
Patience, the strength of humility
And submission to greatness and suffering,
The feel of beauty.
The kinship with flowers, the mountain, the rain, the clouds, the universal pulse,
Re-entrance to humanity.
If love were faith, neither of our apostasy or reluctance to follow whoever turns away
Would make it a betrayal
But will forever keep the imprint of a touch,
The echo of a prayer, the silence that alone
Has given us an understanding
Of unspeakable depths.

Beginnings end and endings but affirm
A moment of oneness of your soul and mine,
Of our dreams, of our days of innocence
The primal desires that in the years
Strangers and estranged,
Inevitably, tenderly arrived at
As after a darkness,
The auroral clasp of sky and fire.

#19 homealoneguy



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Posted 06 May 2003 - 05:59 AM

Where to find you

I know I will find you always
though we feign spaces real,
feel loss, the chill gulf of oblivion,
in time, unquenchable sunset glow
finds us understanding,
looking back at a moment we had owned
our voices breaking the night
in the maze of lights and shadows
of raised glasses and half-opened doors.
Years do not make strangers
of those not there
nor keep unending indifference of unbelievers.
Ah! but disinterest cowers,
disappears in the rain or everywhere.
when we look at each other in the eye
narrate a sad affair of a memory and the future.
Of the crystalline drops caught in the pale, green hair of motionless trees
or of a swarm of summer leaves
cupped by a wind breaking on grey pavements
touched by a need as if a search
had ended or refuses
I will find you still.

Each time you go you come
stop at landmarks of days gone,
re-enact a scene of sympathy,
compassion and again go.
in you whose face and manners bury another
the greater thing survives
the ephemeral flight of alar thoughts
that once there, leaves not,
will take me ever to a past
a dream, a region of arms
and Iíll find you there.

#20 madstick



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Posted 06 May 2003 - 07:50 AM

Forgive me for being cheesy but i just couldn't resist....hahahahahahh....

Here's somthing i wrote:

Moths to a Flame

In the pursuit of happiness, herein lies my flaw
In professing my love to you, I have broken every law
Iím drawn to you like a moth is to a flame
Hopelessly drawn, in my heart you came

Because it was you, only you, who filled the void
So enchanted by you like a charm I cannot avoid
You made me feel what it is like to love again
You are my blessing, my hope heaven-sent

We exchanged kisses, hugs beyond the reach of the sunbeams
As we made love in a landscape full of dreams
Exchanging passion surreal yet so real
Such love I can never hope to experience nor feel

But like a moth is to a flame
Attracted to the light, strongly to each other we came
Bound to one and the other but yet bound to another
This frustration only makes the feeling sharper

And so it comes to this, the fork in the road we cannot miss
When you must choose either peace of mind or bliss
Too difficult a choice, so greatly I am in distress
But in the end you chose peace of mind over happiness

I cannot blame you nor can you blame yourself
We both have loved each other and became true to ourselves
My lament is having to lose someone to love like you
When I could have had walked you down the aisle and say ďI doĒ

And like a moth is to a flame
Attracted to the fire yet burned just the same
Everyone eventually dies, but itís how we live life that makes it worthwhile
All of us have our price to pay just for a simple smile

Yet, I was willing to pay the price just to be in your arms
To love you, to hold you, to fend you from any harm
Because you are worth all that, all that and more
My love, my life and my heart you wholly restore

Because that is what life is all about
No chance to turn back for a round about
Iíd rather live life battered, scarred yet in bliss
Than to end my days unscathed, unharmed yet itís you I miss

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