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Ronald (ron) William Artest Jr.

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Posted 20 June 2007 - 08:41 PM

Artest talks to campers
He talks of troubled childhood, urges kids to stay out of trouble, pursue education

Former Indiana Pacer Ron Artest spent about an hour speaking to and answering questions for about 75 children at a near Westside center Monday afternoon.

"It's fun when you're talking to the kids," Artest said after walking around slapping hands with the summer campers at Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center. "I wanted to get out and do something else this summer. I really enjoy doing it because it's something I want to do after my career is over."

Artest, who spent four seasons with the Pacers before being traded to Sacramento in January 2006, had his publicist call community centers in the area to see if they'd be interested in having the former All-Star forward speak. He's trying to do the same thing in Sacramento, Chicago and his hometown of New York.

Artest spoke about the importance of education, family values and staying out of trouble. He was suspended in school every year from kindergarten to sixth grade and had to sit out the first 15 games his freshman year of high school because of poor grades. Artest held off all questions about basketball until the end.

"Outside of family and God, education is the most important thing," he told the campers. ". . . I still make mistakes, but rather than put my head down, I try to get better the next day."

Artest concluded the visit by signing autographs.

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Posted 21 June 2007 - 09:32 AM

isa lang masasabi ko kay Ron-Ron. craziest motherf#&ker to ever play in the NBA. Kobe Bryant?! pfeh! Ron-Ron ranks waaaaaay higher in the bizarre category. The things Kobe is doing now? Ron-Ron was doing that waaaay back in Indiana. (giving inane statements to the press)

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Posted 21 June 2007 - 09:37 AM

I still like his style of play. It is his attitude that really sucks. Put Caron Butler's head to his body and you have an All-NBA player.

He is really disappointing to me since he could've been a really great player if he wanted to.

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Posted 21 June 2007 - 10:02 PM

Artest regrets how Pacers tenure ended
Despite memories of a tumultuous time, he continues to live in Indianapolis area


By Mark Montieth

In all ways but one, it's like Ron Artest never left the Indiana Pacers.

He's living in his Zionsville home with his wife, children and extended family, with plans to buy more surrounding homes and land and make it his permanent base. His kids are enrolled in various camps and will attend school here in the fall. He's working out at Conseco Fieldhouse and other area facilities and getting together with the Indiana Pacers' former conditioning coach. He's taking his family to Indiana Fever games. He's speaking at local youth organizations, such as he did on Monday at the Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center on the city's near Westside.

"Hopefully I'll retire here," he said, sitting at the head of the glass dining room table in his home. "We like it here."

Artest isn't a Pacer, however. And while he is clear in expressing his respect for the Sacramento Kings' organization and his desire to remain with their team, he can't help but agonize a bit over his display of frustration.

"I reacted a little too fast," he said of his trade request in December 2005. "If I hadn't done that, I'd still be a Pacer now."

Artest was reacting to a home loss to Dallas, his irritation with coach Rick Carlisle's offense, a hand injury, a bogus trade rumor published in the Sacramento Bee, and, most of all, the cloud that had followed him since his 72-game suspension for his role in the brawl at the Palace of Auburn Hills in November 2004.

Already people were speculating about his return to the scene of his life-altering experience at the Palace, still 10 weeks away. That was nagging at his psyche, too.

"I was under a lot of pressure," he said. "I didn't want to go back to Detroit and play in an Indiana jersey. I was under a lot of pressure because that was so crucial in my life. That almost ended my career."

With the clarity of hindsight, he wishes he had stuck it out. He was playing for a title contender, was comfortable in the city and, despite his disagreement with Carlisle's offensive approach, was in a system in which he flourished. He was an All-Star and the Defensive Player of the Year in 2004, when the Pacers won 61 games, and was playing at the highest level of his career in his seven games before the brawl.

"You know what?" he said. "As frustrated as I was at times playing for Rick . . . I like playing for the Kings, but I wish I was still playing for Rick. Nothing is going to go perfect in anybody's career. Certain guys in the league are mentally tough and always ready. But certain guys like me, because of how I grew up, I act out at times. Then you think about it and say, 'Man, I wish I would have gone about that differently.'

"It's almost like saying you wish you grew up differently. When you grow up like I did, you think that every day, every second is a life-or-death situation, but it's not so. If I could do it again, I would never (have given up on) that team.

"I had no reason to complain. I had a career year under Carlisle. What was I complaining about? When I look back on it, it was just stupid. Your ego takes over you sometimes."

His tumultuous experiences with the Pacers have convinced Artest not to give up his current team, either. The Kings are coming off a losing season and he's facing punishment related to an incident in his home outside of Sacramento on March 5. He hears more trade rumors but isn't looking for another escape route.

"The team I'm on now, I'll stick with it," he said.

Rather than go to court over the misdemeanor charges filed by the prosecutor, he has accepted a judge's order of 100 hours of community service, a 10-day work project and extensive anger management counseling.

He's serving his work project with the Sacramento sanitation department, emptying garbage trucks at the central facility.

"You respect the sanitation worker more," he said. "Oh, my goodness, some of the stuff that comes out in that garbage."

Artest has two years remaining on his contract, but can opt out after this season.

He has backed off his music career, treating it more like a hobby than an offseason profession. He has turned down endorsement opportunities and is granting fewer media interviews.

As he goes around the city, most people greet him favorably. Some ask when he's coming back to play for the Pacers.

He doesn't have an answer, but doesn't rule out the possibility if the franchise wanted him.

"My first choice is Sacramento," he said. "But I wouldn't have a problem coming back to Indiana."

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#5 howard_the_duck

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Posted 22 June 2007 - 12:15 AM

at least the children weren't scared of him :lol:

Imagine, if Artest is as intent as Tim Duncan, he'll be big. But going to the West maybe a bad move, though; the east was relatively easier.

#6 troop

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Posted 25 June 2007 - 11:05 AM

I like Ron Artest's work ethic, solid defender with an offense to booth

He's a great addition to any NBA team :thumbsupsmiley:

#7 edc

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Posted 16 July 2007 - 10:40 PM

NBAPA considers appeal of seven-game suspensions

Ron Artest's seven-game suspension is overly excessive. But in spite of this, Ron is relieved to have this ordeal behind him and is actively working on strengthening his family. We trust that he will be granted the privacy needed to do this in an effective manner.

"This decision will be brought to the players association for review and appeal."

Artest pleaded no contest in May to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge stemming from a March 5 dispute with his wife. Jackson pleaded guilty last month to a felony count of criminal recklessness for firing a gun outside an Indiana strip club last fall, when he was with the Pacers.

The seven-game bans topped the five games Ruben Patterson was hit with in 2001 after he entered a modified guilty plea in Washington state to third-degree attempted rape for allegedly forcing his children's nanny to perform a sex act on him. Three years ago, Eddie Griffin was penalized three games after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in Texas.

The league came down harder on Artest and Jackson, citing their "serious offenses" and calling each "repeat violators of NBA rules." Artest was suspended 73 games and the playoffs, and Jackson for 30 games after both ran into the stands to fight with fans in Detroit while playing for Indiana in 2004.

The union has 30 days from Saturday to file an appeal, which would be heard by an arbitrator.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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#8 webslinger

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Posted 17 July 2007 - 09:48 AM

he will never getting any trade frm teams. coz d owner will nt trade dis guy....

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Posted 04 August 2007 - 01:47 AM


#10 boy anis

boy anis


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Posted 05 August 2007 - 01:14 AM

Walang sinabi yan si ron artest sa mga antics ni dennis rodman!!! :thumbsupsmiley:

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Posted 07 August 2007 - 01:11 PM

baket "enter at your own risk"? <_<

#12 silver41surfer

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Posted 18 January 2008 - 09:24 PM

He is back from injury but Chris Bosh and the Raptors spoil his return...olats agad pag pasok!

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Posted 19 January 2008 - 06:39 AM

Walang sinabi yan si ron artest sa mga antics ni dennis rodman!!! :thumbsupsmiley:

at the rate he's going, he'll overtake the Worm soon enough.

#14 jacolitos

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Posted 20 March 2008 - 09:25 PM

dpat sa phoenix mapunta si artest bagay sha dun...parang kapalit ni marion...bale sya magiging defensive stopper ng suns...although i really dont like him..

#15 silver41surfer

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Posted 02 June 2009 - 05:02 AM

Oiiiii... Medyo good boy sya last season w/ the Rockets!

Keep it up, Ron!

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Posted 02 June 2009 - 06:31 AM

:heart: :thumbsupsmiley: Sana magbago isip ni Ronron at lumipat siya ng team next season. nyahahaha

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Posted 09 July 2009 - 06:46 PM

:heart: :thumbsupsmiley: Sana magbago isip ni Ronron at lumipat siya ng team next season. nyahahaha

Well, you just got what you wish for:

LA sign Artest

#18 malaki

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Posted 09 July 2009 - 07:46 PM

ron ron loves michael michael

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Posted 25 May 2010 - 03:45 PM

malakas ang LA dahil sa depensa nya

#20 bertcg

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Posted 31 May 2010 - 10:42 AM

im a fan