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      19 Jan
    Sir Galahad®

    Something in the way she knows. And all I have to do is think of her. Something in the things she shows me. Don't want to leave her now. You know I believe and how...

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      19 Jan
    Star Belle Brooklyn

    Brooklyn is now available until 2am.. avail my own promo..Pm me for more details... I'm WETing...muaah

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      18 Jan

    kakapagod talaga, hayz

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Your True Self Through Abstract Images

Forum Games for Members 17 Jan 2017
The beliefs we have, the thoughts we think, the actions we take are what make us unique individuals. our subconscious mind has a huge part to play in how we live our life and with the help of this quick, fun quiz you can find out what your subconscious mind really reveals about you by linking pow...
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Pie's Fustrations And Stress Reliever Room- Release E...

Males 17 Jan 2017
Im a very stressed person. I do alot of stupid things in my life.I regret alot of them. but life has no rewind button. So you have to live it the way it is laid out to you. The purpose of my thread is for me to release my stress and sadness in my life. I cant say it to anyone I know because they...
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🎀さち From Sweet Box 🎀

Females 11 Jan 2017
Konichiwa! Welcome to my Sweet Box  I'm ココaka  サチ Currently Studying . What Im doing in my life is everyday visiting mtc if i have time, talking to random people, videocall. My Dad is 日本人 . I also love  vlogging & photo...
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Sports 07 Jan 2017
(Anastasia Luppova's cue)   Now let's try to indulge ourselves in imagining to play err..I mean playing billiards. I think this is kind of addictive activity and pretty awesome to burn your fats as well.   Ok, let me start a few-sentence story...   Played billiard last night with...
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Awesome Fruitcakes!

Food & Beverages 05 Jan 2017
    Fruitcakes thrive off particularly on Christmas time simply because they serve a purpose. A fruitcake is not only a fine pastry, but also a convenient gift due to its alluring presence. Thus, a perfect present to our friends and loved ones also.   So this might be a little bit...
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