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      24 Apr

    Scorching hot summer season is here again! To beat this heat, Midas invites you our Dear GMs to EScape the heat to cum to Antipolo / Banawe / Cubao Branch for just P399 starting April 17 to 30, 2017. Hope you could visit us soon.

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      24 Apr

    hi lalabsss just pm me simot sarap promo. .tara lalabsss ninja moves na at suisen body spa

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      24 Apr
    Yummy cinderella

    Ano pa hinihntay nyo punta kana po dito sa solace spa tara napo tayo mg relax .. ����

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      24 Apr
    hokage spa

    PROMO!! PROMO!! PROMO!! PROMO!! PROMO!! Due to GM's Demand. April, 24, 2017 HOKAGE SPA are extending our 399/hour room rate promo!!! CUM and VISIT to Enjoy and Relax

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Do You Believe in UFOs?

I, together with my entire family saw a UFO fly directly over our house in the early 80's. At first the object stood stationary at a point east of our house. The object was oval in shape with glowing lights. Couldn't tell how large the object was or its altitude. I got a pair of binoculars and the hair at the back of my head stood up. I got a good look at all the details. What I remember clearly is the object had amber lights that glowed. Aircraft lights go on and off but do not glow.

The lights would grow bright and then dim then grow bright again. Somthing that are not characteristic of aircraft lights.

I kept quiet while I observed the flying object and asked my brother to sketch on paper what he saw. What he sketched is exactly what I and the rest of the family saw.

Another thing about this object is it didn't make a sound. It was completely silent as it passed over our house and headed due west towards the setting sun.

Minutes later, friends from nearby villages called us asking us if we had seen the UFO. If people living 3 to 4 kilometers away saw the object which flew directly over us, then I can surmise the object was very large and was flying at a great altitude.
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